Saturday, 17 February 2018

A year of Shnuggle baths

Having the second baby is supposed to be cheaper right? You have all those baby things from your first and you can just re-use them. However in this day and age, new product development is moving so fast that when I found myself pregnant with my second child, with a 3.5 year age gap, I needed new baby gear.

I can safely say all the new baby gear purposes I made for Evie were totally worth it (and that is not just a disclaimer for my husbands sanity). The one we gained the most from as a family was the Shnuggle Bath.  

Did you know that a Shnuggle bath is suitable from newborn to age one?

It wasn't until I was editing Evie's One Year Video that I realised how many videos we had taken of her in her Shnuggle bath. The above video shows a few seconds from the videos we have across the year, showing her using the bath and getting chubby and bigger all at the same time! 

I first discovered the Shnuggle bath on an ad on social media, then my friend who was expecting a couple of months before me mentioned it too and said she had bought one. I purchased the pink one just after they were released and it became a product that would exist in our household for the whole of her first year. 

You always 'learn' from your first baby, what works, what doesn't, what products were good and the ones you were wrong about. Considering my first born was born in the Summer, he seemed to hate baths and getting cold. We had originally bought one of those mesh bath seats that sits in the big bath - we were going for supportive but what we hadn't considered is the amount of water and depth you would need to keep baby submerged. We soon got rid of it and had to go out and buy a standard baby bath. We were then back to baby being warm but not feeling supported and he would cry and wriggle with my hand supporting his back and neck. We soon gave up on the baby bath altogether and resorted to the big bath and therefore big water bill. 

What grabbed my attention most with the Shnuggle bath was that it was deep and supportive. Baby could be under the water up to the top of their chest but the seat supported them in place so they wouldn't slip under. It ticked all our boxes - Supportive, warm and water saving. It also had rubber feet so was safe to use on any floor surface without risk of it slipping or moving.

What I hadn't seen coming was the opportunity for my 3 year old son to bond with his sister over bath time because he could help. From that very first bath, Logan insisted he helped out with his new little sister and was in charge of the sponge. He amazed us with picking up that he needed to do under her chin and hold his hand to shield her eyes when washing her hair. Every time we bathed her in those first few weeks he was there and ready to help and he loved it. It was great to know that she was in safe in the bath with me beside watching and Logan in charge of the sponge and washing. 

It made my heart full to see them both interacting together and made him feel like a very helpful big brother indeed.

In those first few weeks the bath was easy enough to fill and bring downstairs and gave us the space as a family to enjoy bathing our new baby girl together. 

It was clear from that very first bath that the water relaxed her and it would become our go to activity if she was grizzling and unhappy. Having been born in a water birth, we nicknamed her our mermaid and she lived up to the name by still enjoying the water at age one. 

There is something so special about getting that baby towel ready at the side of a nice warm bath and a fresh babygro and cleaning their little body and seeing that cute bare bum.

The Shnuggle bath has a handy level marker so you know where to fill it up to and it wasn't until Evie found her feet and splashing that we started using it within our big bathtub to contain the water. 

It was so handy for those newborn messy nappies because it didn't take long to fill up and you could quickly give them a bath and not use a lot of water. When we started weaning it was worthwhile to quickly fill up the shnuggle bath and give them a once over after some baby led weaning spaghetti Bolognese.

Evie loved her baths and I started to tell all my expecting friends it was a must have baby product. It made bath times fun and enjoyable when they can be known to be stressful and chaotic because no one likes a screaming cold baby that they need to get clean. 

As Evie got bigger, we started to give her little bath toys to play with in the bath. She used to love putting her feet up at the end of the bath and taking note of her toes poking through the water.

It wasn't just us as a family who were impressed with the bath. All of Evie's grandparents thought it was an amazing product and they've all had a go at bathing her in it. 

Logan even used it a few times as a 'swimming pool' inside his big bath for his bath time games. We also used it in the big bath to bath them both at the same time and Logan enjoyed having his sister with him while he could play in the water.

As she got bigger, she soon worked out she could sit upright in the bath and splash even harder. 

I even used it to help record our milestone cards because it was one place she would stay still for long enough! 

Evie has certainly clocked up a lot of memories and bath time in her snuggle bath. She turned one at the end of January and only now towards the end of February am I considering retiring it to the garage for storage for a future sibling. 

I took advantage of one last dip to snap our valentines day pictures for family and friends. 

So if you are wondering if you need to purchase a new baby bath for your next baby, I highly recommend getting a shnuggle bath to make bath time with the family the best most enjoyable experience. 

In regard to where you can purchase a shnuggle bath from, there are many suppliers of the product. We got ours from Tesco Direct but I know places like John Lewis, Boots and Kiddicare also stock it. It retails at between £19.99 - £24.99 and is worth every penny. They also do added extras like a bath stand if you require assistance for your back or recovery from a c section.