Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The One Where Dreams Really Do Come True

So a little backstory for you, Mart and I don't do things easy or tradition and we certainly don't hang about. Whether this is 'making up for lost time' or we're just so head over heals in love (sorry - too mushy?) that we don't even realise we are zooming through our life goals, but we've had a busy couple of years.

We started dating end of January 2015, became 'Facebook official' in the March, he moved in with me and Logan in the October and by the following May, our house purchase was due to complete. Now you know what they say - new house, new baby. Well on Friday 13th May (good for some!) we found out we were pregnant with 'Chubb', who would become our Evie Rose. A day later we left for Paris for a couple of days before heading to Disneyland Paris for my Christmas present.

Now as friends do, they speculated - was an engagement on the cards?  I was adamant it was a no because WE HAD JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE - I'd seen months worth of bank statements, he wasn't hiding anything! (Luckily I sort the admin out - my PayPal purchases for Instagram buys weren't even questioned)

So off we went to Paris, we had a lovely couple of days sightseeing, up the Eiffel Tower (just about - Mart is terrified of heights - he was never going to propose up there!), staying in a beautiful hotel, we even stuck our love lock on the bridge before we left Paris for Disney on the Monday morning. 

16/05/16 - what a aesthetically pleasing date. 

So we arrive at Disney and I cry when we arrive because I'm a little Princess at heart and it had been 10 years since I'd been to Disneyland. As an adult you appreciate everything more, I knew it had cost a lot for us to come and I was going to enjoy every minute of it! 

I was also three weeks pregnant and hormones everywhere. 

Now there were a few things this holiday that didn't make sense until after I knew there was a ring involved. One was when we were in Paris - now Mart is a pretty chilled guy, he doesn't get worked up about a lot of things (Unless he's on the road or it's ITFC losing) and therefore when I threw my toothbrush in his washbag as we were packing up, I didn't expect him to give me an integration as to why I had been in or near his washbag. I might have even said 'Chill, the brushes aren't touching!'. The second was when we left our hotel that afternoon to go into the Disney park - he asked, will we be coming back here later or are we out now for the day? 

Well we are out for the day of course, this girl doesn't stop for nothing! I'm going to see every minute of Disney. 

So we hit the shops, we hit some of the rides and at 10pm we found a spot to stand and watch the light show. So we've had a great day, just this morning we were in Paris throwing our keys in the river. Now we are standing by a Micky themed lamp post waiting for the fantastic light show. Love was in the air and I was feeling pretty lucky.

Mart turns to me and says - tomorrow we'll have to get an even better spot right in front of the castle. I'm like oh yes but Wednesday night because tomorrow we are booked into the Wild West dinner. He looks somewhat panicked and announces he thinks he needs the toilet before the show starts in half an hour. He tells me he'll be right back and says he will take his wallet with him because he might get a brownie too and off he dashes.

So I'm chilling by myself and it's getting more crowded. I check my phone and I have 2% battery (standard!) and the time is 10:20. I text Mart to say 1- He better hurry up! and 2-I have hardly any battery so he won't be able to contact me. He texts me back that there is a long queue in the toilets (the mens?! really!) and he will be there soon. It gets to 10:29 and my phone dies and I'm thinking oh god, what if they have stopped more people getting into this part of the park? I'm about to watch the light show by myself. 

Suddenly he appears beside me, he looks sweaty in the cold evening and he hasn't got his jumper on, it's over his arm in some servant style hold. The light show begins and I give him the eyes like - never leave me again by myself. 

I cry three more times during the light show because I'm a pregnant Princess and they played be my guest. I was videoing it on my DSLR to preserve the memory but I felt pretty neglecting of my partner standing next to me. I switch my camera to my left hand and try to grab his hand to hold (multi tasking at it's best), but he faffs about and while I've got eyes on the castle while trying to locate his hand and not feel up a stranger, he shifts his jacket to the other side and holds my hand. 

The light show finishes and the lamp post we are standing next to has its rope moved and Mart asks if we can step up onto the curb because his leg was hurting. I'm currently half talking about how amazing the show was and half complaining I'm cold when Mart suggests we find someone to take a photo of us outside the castle. Now anyone that knows me will know I RARELY turn down a photo opportunity, especially if I wasn't the one to peer pressure Mart into it, HOWEVER I'm cold, we've been awake for hours, people are rushing to leave the park, my phone is dead and I know my DSLR will come out blurry so I say 'nah I'm ok'. 

At this point Mart drops to the floor, I'm not sure if he's fainted at me declining a photo or his lace is untied when he suddenly produces a ring box in front of me. The light from the lamp post illuminates it and it feels like the people are swarms of fish going around us but not bumping into us. 

I'm not sure of his exact words but I think he opened with 'BABE...' and will you marry me was in there somewhere. I was stunned in actual shock and what felt like 5 minutes of silence I'm sure was only a moment but I'm suddenly putting the ring on my finger (and questioning if I actually answered Yes out loud?) and I'm hugging him and people are still swarming around us.

AMAZING. dream come true. at DISNEY. 

Next thing I ask if I can actually put the ring back in the box because it's too big for me (thanks to my sister, the jeweller who thinks I have fat fingers)and I'm terrified I'm going to lose it. 

(I'm SO glad I had my nails done before we went!)

We get back to our hotel and Mart tells me how he ran down Main Street, through Disney village to our hotel (New York - 2nd hotel in from the park, still a fair walk) and up to our room to grab the ring. He then had to run all the way back and queue at security to get checked to get back into the park. They don't allow reentry after 10:30 so when he put the ring box down on the baggage check, security told him to go go go! (He's not at the height of any fitness bless him) and he just managed to get back in the park. He then had to battle the crowds to get back to our place. He also tells me he stashed it in his washbag while we were in Paris and that was why he went into panic that I'd been in there. 

We text pictures to our family & friends and apparently EVERYONE else knew apart from me what the plan was. Turns out my dad told my brother, who told my sister, who told my cousin, who told the world etc. My work friends saw him walking back from town with the H Samuel bag months back and have been questioning every romantic outing we've had since then and Mart's mum had been keeping a hold of the ring. He'd bought it in January and therefore missed the mortgage bank statements and I clearly aren't as observant as I thought I was. 

So there we had it, our baby and a ring all in the happiest place on earth. 

The next day we went back to our lamppost and we had that photo! Turns out Mart thought it would be cute to have someone take a photo of him proposing and while it WOULD have been had I be in a cute dress with my Minnie ears on - I was actually wearing two hoodies and looking quite rough! 

We also hunted around for someone to take this photo for us - we found a Disney employee, the first photo he took he chopped off the top the castle - he returned a moment later to say he didn't realise it was quite an important photo and he'd retake it (good because I wasn't satisfied haha)and we used this photo when we got home from Paris to tell our family we were expecting!

So that's the backstory! This was going to be part 1 of how I planned my last minute wedding but I've gone on a bit (reliving the memories) and so the engagement has snagged itself it's own post! 

I know a few people have got engaged in Disney - if you have, please message me and tell me your story/where it was! I love hearing them.

S x

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  1. Omg this is the perfect love story (and I thought I was cute). It was a great read and has given me all the desires to go back to Disney.