Sunday, 17 September 2017

Forever Dreaming

So last Maternity leave (four years ago now!) I started this blog. I LOVED it because sometimes you just have more to say than Facebook or Instagram allows you to voice. It's my place for ramblings, reviews,sharing and my little bit of creative outlet. 

Life has changed A LOT since then and I hope to bring a range of different posts to the blog in the future. They will range from babies to home decor to Instagram love and shopping small. There will be reviews and recommendations and shout outs to fantastic people. 

So bare with me while I remind myself how to write, how to use a computer and how to find some spare time and I'll tell you lots more about all these wonderful things.

Finding out we were having a little girl! Early gender scans, telling Logi and how we told our family. 

Hear what a fantastic big brother Logan is and how life adjusts with two and all the new challenges it brings. 

My new photo series for baby girl including trying to keep up with them second time round. 

How my baby is now F O U R ! How the last year has been and how he has grown up, ditched the dummy, potty trained, started school and how we are very much still hashtag teamnosleep

Finding my dream partner and all we have achieved in under three years, including planning a last minute wedding in just 10 weeks (it can be done!)

Being able to shout out about all the amazing products and services I use (including my amazing wedding photographer and videographer) 

and INSTAGRAM and how its become very much part of my life and all the amazing brand rep work we have been doing. I can't WAIT to share. 

Drop me a message on Instagram if there is ever anything you want to hear more about and I'll add it to my to-do list (currently as long as Santa's list!) and I'll try my best between settling children to sleep and fake calling Santa to threaten no Christmas presents (Yes I'm already on back-up help in September) to try and get more blog posts in the pipeline. 

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