Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sassy Bloom Box

You may or may not have heard of baby gift box subscriptions. 

I didn't hear about them until after I'd had my baby and I was most likely being targeted by Facebook Marketing when various ones came up on my newsfeed. 

Sassy Bloom is one of the upcoming trends of baby gift box subscriptions. They recently celebrated their first anniversary and I was excited to finally get to experience a box and see how it differed from the Nonabox I tried out earlier in the year. 

My friend gave me the heads up of a great offer for first time subscribers to get their first box for £9 instead of the usual £29. The offer details can be found here and it's valid until the 7th December 2014. 

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The Sassy Bloom website was easy to use and bright and creative. It was very easy to create my account and input my baby's details in. The boxes are created based on your child's age and gender. You can subscribe to the boxes from your third trimester to when your child is two years old. 

The products all have a minimum RRP value of £40, so the box will always be worth the money you pay. I find it's a great way to discover brands and products that you might not have known about otherwise, or newer smaller companies entering the market. Big brand products are also included and a nice treat compared to what you might usually buy. 

You have lots of different options for signing up. Depending on if you want to try one out, or you are sure this is something you want to treat yourself to for a few months running, then you can choose the option to suit you. I think they are a great idea for a baby shower or a new mummy and the surprise factor will ensure you are getting them a different gift from everyone else who just bought an outfit in newborn size. 

The timings on when you get your box delivered depends on the age of the child. My box said estimated dispatch 15th November and I got it last week. I love surprises! Oh did I mention it's free delivery? So the price of your box is even better!

Here's LJ opening up the box...

I was impressed with the box and felt everything suited LJ's age group. 

The boxes have lovely outer boxes and come delivered in a good size cardboard box to protect them. Ideal if you are then giving them as a gift. This was how everything was when I opened it up. 

I love the little features of the envelope regarding your box and further details about how you can earn reward points towards future boxes. 

Everything fit nicely in the box and was wrapped and presented well. 

My favourite was maybe the musical TV as I had one when I was younger and it brought back memories of the early 90's. 

LJ let me wind up the tv and sat and watched the music play and pointed out the animals along the way. I like the little clock in the top corner, he had fun moving the hands round. 

After you receive your box, you can log on to your online account and view more information about the products you received in your box. It also allows you to give feedback on the products and again earn reward points. I think this feature is great, you are helping out Sassy Bloom by letting them know if the products were suited or not, in return, they give you reward points. 

The placemat was one of the first things that LJ pulled out.

We've just started to take the tray off LJ's high chair and use the chair up against the main table. This placemat will allow a good sized (wipeable!) base to provide good protection against food. I love that this mat has animals and letters, a toddler loves nothing more than 'finding' something that Mama asks them. 

The peek a boo house is one of the most practical toys we received in our box. It's small enough to take places with us, but also sturdy enough that it won't easily break if it falls out of the buggy.

Again this is something that I wouldn't have normally purchased as a toy, but that LJ has had a lot of fun playing with. He is at the age where things that open, close and are attached, fascinate him. We took it straight out in the buggy later on.

He fell asleep holding on to it. 

I would say this was LJ's favourite box item! 

I like that the Sassy Bloom item descriptions tell you how to use the products. It gives you other ideas that you might not have originally thought you could use the product for. 

The lunchbox was great! While we already have one similar to this, it's nice to have something new that you didn't have an excuse to go out and buy. (It also helps if you've been lazy and not washed the lunchbox from the previous day!) Munchkin was a brand I had heard of, but I had not seen the lunch boxes before. They have a cooling layer inside to help keep things fresh and a netted pocket to pop extra's in. (we store our bib and spoons here). 

The product that I thought was a brilliant idea, and had not seen before, were the behaviour cards.

As LJ approaches the one and half milestone, I'm becoming more aware of discipline and ensuring I am leading him on the way to good behaviour and will be reading up the various ways to go about this. These cards are a great visual way to show this to younger toddlers.

I'll be keeping these in my back-pack and trialling them out.

This was the only product that I thought didn't quite fit with the personalisation of the gender. I'm not overly bothered that it has flowers on, and I'm unaware if there were other design options, but it's a great product to have. We've used it (in our new lunchbox!) and it's a fun way to keep sandwiches fresh and lose items like biscuits sealed. 

It's also a product that will be able to be used for years to come. 

The total items in my box came to £40.43 value. I thought it was a great box and I had planned on having this as a one off treat, but I think I will trial a second box to see how SB continue the uniqueness of the products packaged. I have already learnt some reward points by giving feedback and uploading a video (You earn £5.00 of points for uploading a video of you opening your box!) so I think I can treat LJ to another fun filled box!

Overall I highly recommend Sassy Bloom! I wasn't disappointed with the box contents and thought they were very age appropriate to LJ. I would be interested to see what comes in the boxes for pregnancy and for younger babies. It would be something I'd try out next pregnancy! I think they are a great upcoming company and it's clear they put a lot of effort into their branding and social media as well as giving rewards back to their customers for helping. 

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