Monday, 20 October 2014

16 Months.

16 months! 

Logi Bear,

Your hair is getting so long, it goes wild at times!
Your finally getting a bit big for the size 4+ nappies.
You have about 14-16 teeth. 
Your new favourite word is 'wow'. 
You are always asleep when I think I need to measure you.
You have learnt some of your body parts.
You still like to communicate with pointing at things.
You love to wash your hands in the sink and run to dry them on the towel.
You do a hilarious 'gasp' face when your trains or cars crash.
You love the waves in the sea.
You love throwing stones into the sea.
You love a good wooden floor to tap your feet on.
You love running around screaming.
You love to colour and tell other people to colour.
Your still bossy, particular to old people, you can get them on the floor to play.
You love to shake your head from side to side.
You love to hold my hand.
You can use a spoon and fork a lot better.
You don't like tomatoes or melon.
You love banana and blueberries.
You can hear a packet opening from a mile off. 
You love to get cosy and giggle before the covers go on.
You love to build dens and drag everyone under with you.
You love to turn on and off the light.
You close the stair gate behind you.
You wait for the post by sitting on the bottom step.
You point out every car that goes past. 
You've been trying to say bus. 
You love watching aeroplanes in the sky until they disappear.
You love our little routines like your snack pot after swimming.
You love waiting for Dada at the window at the end of the day.
You love nosing on anyone from the window at any time of the day.
You run to the back door and hold out the shed key for Dada.
You help him push the bike back in the shed.
You are curious about everything.
You play so gently with your toys.
You copy the way people are sitting or kneeling down.
You remember where things are kept and remember games we've played.
You love to FaceTime with GG.
You are growing up so fast.

The month's are flying by so quickly, I can't believe we are approaching a year and a half. It feels like only last month that I was celebrating him turning one.

Here is LJ's 15th Month in Short clip videos!

The monthly photo's were a little more stressful this time round, but I blame Daddy. We've managed to do the last few months by ourselves and stress free but as I was working on the day this month, we did it at the weekend. I know men try and help, but don't they just make it overcomplicated in the long run? ... hehe. I do appreciate your help, Ali. 

We used the normal bargaining chip of chocolate buttons for sit still material. Dada withheld said buttons and there was a meltdown. I'm all for discipline but there's a time and a place and it's not when I'm trying to get the monthly photo.

Plus this boy sees ALL. He know's your game. You can't hide anything. (Not even your mummy chocolate treat that you want to consume in the corner.)

We eventually got there, although I didn't have many clear photos on my DSLR, but I got one and that's all I need. (She says through the tears)

If you can see stratches around his neck, fear not, we don't make him wear a cat scarf. He does and always has suffered from eczema and sometimes it flares up and now he's older, he scratches it before we can stop him. (and comes with various rashes that make me crazy paranoid 'it's meningitis, let me roll a shot glass over it to check' mummy.)

So according to my weekly age related e-mails, my 'baby' is officially a 'toddler' now. They tell me things like 'they may start to climb' (I find him on the windowsill at regular intervals) and 'they may start to run' (He's practically flying and mummy can't keep up) and tell me he may get frustrated with things (he does) and remember to have some mummy me time (You've got to be kidding me). 

I'm enjoying this whole learning words stage and learning body parts and copying everything (OK, that bit is a bit scary). I'm still a little in disbelief that I have a 16 month old. When I ever imagined myself having a baby, it was just that, I could imagine myself with a baby but somehow can't imagine myself with a 5 year old. It's all a bit crazy, you seem to spend the first part of your babies life with lots of visitors, old people peering in your pram, googling everything (OK, maybe that doesn't stop) and discussing how much your baby weighs. Then suddenly you have a toddler and life just goes on and you fit everything around them and them around you and it seems like it's been that way forever. It's not a bad thing, but some days I miss meeting someone in Costa and enjoying a catch up drink while they cuddle my sleeping (OK, it's hard to remember if he ever did) newborn and discussing what maternity leave is like (I miss it, but not the lack of money) and how I'm getting on with motherhood. Now I still see friends regularly, but we have our conversations running between rooms or climbing under soft play and drink cold cups of tea while throwing more snack food into our toddler's hands to keep them occupied. 

I guess what I'm saying is life seems to speed up more. It goes at toddler pace, which is actually rather fast if you've ever seen a mum dashing after her toddler, heading towards an open door.

We enjoyed our first weekend with our 16 month old by having it very family based.

As the south-east was enjoying some particular warm weather for a mid October weekend, we visited our local seaside and enjoyed running on the beach, throwing stones in the sea and watching LJ's Grandad fly a kite.

LJ ran from person to person, enjoying various different fun activities. I love to hear him laugh and say 'wow' and run around babbling. 

We even snuck in a rare family photo, even though LJ had spotted a stone he wanted and was a wriggler. I think we all love it by the sea, I can't imagine not living close by to the seaside and being able to visit in all weathers and hear the waves crash on the sand. We don't know if LJ genuinely loves the sea, or maybe he's listened to the white noise sound too much, but he always seems happy!

We bought a baby bike seat off a friend mid-way through the Summer and used it once and then haven't had a chance to get back out again. We thought we'd take the opportunity to go on a late afternoon bike ride over some local walking land. LJ took some encouragement this time about getting in the bike seat and wearing the helmet, but as soon as we were moving he was fine. He kept leaning out to look behind at me (properly struggling). 

The view was beautiful and I wanted to stop (Instagram quality photo opportunities) but Ali was concerned we wouldn't get LJ back in the seat so soon, so we carried on for a bit until we had a little break in the wooded area.

We even tried to sneak in a mummy and LJ photo, but as you can see, it's a bit blurry, he's got no time!

We hit the pet shop for a visit on the Saturday, LJ loved running between all the animals and saying 'Wow' and squealing in excitement. The bunnies seemed to love him, or maybe they thought he was one of them, there was a lot of bouncing going on.

We're lucky to still have bunnies after ours escaped earlier in the week. One of my pet peeves is that Ali always leaves cupboards open after he's been in them, well you can guess what happened. Turns out the bunnies had a lovely 3 hours roaming the garden and the street and being fed carrots by the neighbours. My dad ended up running around the street and herding them back to their hutch, luckily safe and sound because there is a LOT of cats around here. 

I couldn't resist getting in the Christmas spirit. I LOVE Tesco clothing for their £2-£3 novelty tops. I think LJ has had all holiday seasons now! I'm planning a BIG blog post on my baby clothes loves and tips, it's in the making, however I keep getting distracted when searching for baby LJ pictures of his clothes because I end up sitting there looking through all of them. 

Like baby's first halloween. (Top also from Tesco, 2013)

I think when you have children, all the holiday seasons get exciting all over again. Last year, we got a pumpkin and attempted to draw round LJ's hands and feet to carve out.

It didn't go exactly how I imagined it, or maybe we didn't have the right tools, but it was fun. LJ sat in his Bumbo on the table and watched us as we scooped out the pumpkin and cut around the drawings. 

I stupidly thought we'd bought a big enough pumpkin to be able to sit him in it for a photo. Now I don't know if I was crazy to think that my baby was that small, or that the pumpkin was that big, short story - he didn't fit.

He also didn't quite sit yet, so overall, another one of those 'photo ideas' that turns out nothing like how I saw it on Pinterest imagined it. We had fun though! That's what matters.

This year I feel like I'm missing out a bit, I have work on Halloween and then I'm going straight out to my work Halloween party. (I'm actually going OUT OUT on a halloween night!) So I'm sad that I'll miss Halloween fun with LJ, but I have the day off before due to covering my mum on holiday, so we'll have fun then! 

Next year when I have my own house... (A phase I feel like I say all the time, but don't quite believe) then I'm going to go FULL OUT for Halloween fun (Ok, slightly toned down British style, but all the same). 

I did come home from overtime to find LJ had made me this little pumpkin at his day with his childminder. I loved it! It's great to find crafted goods that I wasn't involved with. Yes, I will be that mum that keeps all the artwork and I'm not even worried because I've got idea's pinned on Pinterest to deal with that! 

So we had a lovely family weekend, except for the fact that LJ was worse than a newborn both nights and I got about 3 hours sleep total all weekend. This photo was after 4 hours of awake time and 3 room changes, I finally nodded off and woke suddenly thinking where is he!? #whateverscomfortable 

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