Sunday, 21 September 2014

One for the LEGO fans...

Remember how the Series 12 mini figures weren't out until October?

Look what we found hidden in the Tesco aisle on Monday 15th September. 

It's strange because I had a feeling they would be there, so we went to check. I squealed a little too excitedly, maybe because I love the yellow packets and maybe because I was right. 

Ali talked me down from buying two. There is just something exciting about picking up a random packet and not having to worry if you have it or not. We got the one I picked up first, when I looked at the packets. I've always had this thing about getting the one I first picked, when I was younger, I would pick a cuddly toy out and just had to have that one, because I choose him first. 

We got the miner! One of Ali's favourites. 

They come with an added extra for the kids (or big adults, but not Mac users) as they have a game code in each packet.

You can log on to and enter the code and have the mini figure in your game. I went to log on, so I could discuss if it was a good thing, but it turns out that Mac users aren't supported, so PC users, let me know! 

So we'll be getting one each week with our food shop, I think there is a wide range of characters that the guessing game will be easier than with the Simpsons figures. If you want to see the full range of Series 12, check out my previous post here


I meant to post this before yesterday. However the daily mail free lego with every paper is on from Saturday 20th to Saturday 27th September 2014. Just pick up a daily mail newspaper in a W H Smith store and get your free lego straight away, or pick up a newspaper and either use the coupon to pick up your free LEGO from a Toys R Us, or send it off and wait a few weeks to get your LEGO sent to you! 

They have done this before but this time you get quite a few mini figures with the kits!

We got Wild Style yesterday - 

You can read more about it here on the daily mail website. 

I'll leave you with a short video of more fun on our food shop (Am I the only one who enjoys food shops?!) 

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