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Well it's come to the end of another lovely week of #freelego from the Daily Mail Newspaper. If you didn't already know, then i'm sorry, you missed out. Unless you have family who read the daily mail and horde newspapers, then you might still have a chance. If you can fill out the coupon, and send it away to the address shown, then you will receive your free Lego in about 6 weeks time. 

We managed to visit WHSmith every day from Monday-Saturday and buy two papers and collect two lego packs. On the first Saturday, we happened to be in town (I know, we're crazy!) and the Sunday we took a trip to Toys R Us to play with all the toys under one roof collect our Lego. 

LJ and I happened to be in town on the Monday and Tuesday for playdates and swimming, so we swung by and picked up Lego. 

He loves lifts with mirrors.

We got two papers each day because I found out that you can do this and it's completely acceptable. We've saved the other packs from any free Lego that we've got, ready for when we need to bribe use it for a present for LJ. 

This Lego giveaway has been really good for us, there were a lot of mini figures included in the packs this time round. In fact, out of the 8 days of free Lego, you came out with 8 mini figures, as one pack didn't have one but another had two.

Our mini figure storage units are getting a bit over-crowded.

If you remember, we have two lovely 16 mini figure storage display cases, that Ali and I received for our most recent birthdays. In his yellow case, he keeps all his favourites, mostly superhero mini figures. In my red case, I have my Simpson's collection, although I might switch them out sometime soon. All the rest of the mini figures are in this 3 tier case.

With the recent influx of mini figures, we will have to 'build' new housing on the upper levels. Let's hope Aldi still have these plastic storage boxes to click on top.

I noticed today that WHSmith have the new mini figure series 12 on display in store now. This week, on our food shop, we picked up the next figure from the series.

Another one we had on our favourite list. She's currently hanging out with the other warriors on the top storage tier. 

So here is the round-up:

Day One: Lego Movie

I feel like i'm sick of the LEGO movie now, this is the 3rd wild style we have, but the add on tools/weapons are handy. 

Day Two: TMT

It's a turtle! It's cool! ... My favourite was the pink bricks. I got to put this one together, LJ and I took some time on the Tuesday to put some of them together.

Disclaimer: Yes, child is under 3. No, they didn't eat anything. 

Day Three: Lego City

Anyone else think he looks like W.W from Breaking Bad? .... No? Just us?

This one was pretty neat because of the moving parts. LJ liked playing with this one after we finished building, I had to have the turtle. 

He is so bossy at the moment with instructing you to be places and play with certain toys. If you put down a toy that he has given you, then he will pick up that toy and place it back in your hand. Just hold it, he's not worried as long as you've got it.

Day Four: Chima

When Ali has previously pointed out packs of this stuff, I've begged us not to get involved in another Lego Spin off because it gets out of control. Upon opening this free pack, I'm quite liking the animal style Lego figures and bricks. I could be persuaded (in the future!!).

This is the photo we sent Ali while he was working.
a. to make him jealous we were building Lego. b. to show him cutie picture of his son. c. to show him what I was doing instead of things I should be doing.

Day five: Lego City

This one was the bonus prize! Two mini figures! He will be able to join the strong police force we have currently residing in unit 2 of the storage block.

Do I get extra points for photo taking with scenic views?

Day Six: Star Wars

This one was the boring one, no mini figure. However a spaceship is always wanted by future five year olds, so one for the box.

I apologise for the out of focus picture, I had to take advantage of junk space mail. 

Day Seven: Chima

More fun animal weapon Lego!

Ali jumped at the chance to build this one, the big wheels are pretty cool. Also it comes with the flame Lego piece, which means I only need about 50 more to build the sea scene that I saw in a LEGO build book.

Day Eight: Lego City

The final one is a Lego City: Arctic Guilder. At first glance, I thought he was a 80's space rocket guy. We are big fans of the classic helmet Lego piece. 

We also finally got round to a little video project that i've had in mind for a while.

Time-Lapse Lego Building. 

We used the kit in the above picture and I stood above Ali while he built the pack (Aren't we productive in nap times?!). He said he felt the pressure but it all went well.


Let's hope it's not long until the next free Lego Giveaway. Our rabbits now have 14 weeks worth of newspaper for bedding. 

Lego Time-Lapse from Samantha Rhind on Vimeo.

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