Sunday, 24 August 2014

14 Months.

While we were away, LJ turned 14 months.

I've continued with editing his monthly video as we go, it's SO much easier! (Also, I got my shiny new iMac for my birthday/christmas/overtime money and it's SUPER FAST.)

Dear LJ,

You now have 10, possibly more, teeth. 
You weigh a stone and a half. 
You have added the words, goal, oh no, gone and bye to your vocabulary. 
Your 12-18m clothes are still too long for you.
Your favourite toy is your blue golf club and balls.
You get frustrated if your trains fall off the track.
You know to turn the trains around if the magnets don't stick.
You fetch track and help mummy build it. 
You love to dive into a pile of pillows.
You give kisses when asked.
You have started to put puzzle pieces in the right places.
You sometimes refuse to eat, so we make crazy noises with each mouthful and shout goal. 
You continue to splash in any water you see.
You love the sea and the sand.
You followed your cousin Libby around all holiday.
You have bumped your head more times than ever, this month.
You love to hide things in tunnels or under sofas. 
Your favourite food is still cheese and blueberries.
You took your first ride on the back of a bike.
You had your first week holiday.
You throw even more tantrums now. 
You sometimes get too excited or frustrated and try to bite! (We're working on that one)You wave goodbye to daddy at night time.
You love a snuggle with mummy when you are tired.
You help daddy feed the bunny rabbits.
You love to talk to Siri on the iPhone.
You look more like a toddler than a baby.
You still dance to any song.
You want any food that mummy has. 
Your personality is developing more every day. 
You make us laugh, everyday.

Here's to 14 months and what it may bring!

So notice how he's actually sitting IN the chair, NICELY? 

The answer is chocolate buttons.

I don't know why I haven't used this bribe before! Forget books, toys and tv. Buttons is the key. This was stress free and done in 5 minutes and no tears, from me or him! 

If I ever have to do this again, then it's chocolate buttons from one month! (kidding! .. say 6 months?)

I just love him so much! I love him even more when he's being good and co-operative!
(He's lucky I wrote this earlier. He went from good to terror this afternoon!)

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