Sunday, 29 June 2014

The LEGO Round-Up

So much LEGO to update! 

I know this because the above photo of LJ makes him look so little. I can't remember but i'm thinking he was 10 months? Anyway, it was the first time Ali let LJ play (totally supervised the whole time) with some LEGO bits. 


I think we have a fan.

Which is just as well because by the time he is the recommended age 3+ to play with it, he will have loads! (If Daddy lets him!) 

We continued to try and complete our Movie Minifigures collection. We needed two more - Shakespeare and Gail the construction worker. We got shakespeare in one last feel off when Sainsburys had a few packets left, but Gail proved to be the one that stumbed us! 

We ended up grabbing her off Ebay for just a £1 more than if we got her in a mystery packet. Cheating? Maybe. We aren't normally bothered about having a complete set, but then we have never been one away from a complete set before.

We had a little laugh when we saw this! I said to Ali 'They're on to us!' and some woman in the same aisle looked at us like we used to steal them. 

Lucky for us, our feeling game isn't over, this appears to just be some Tesco stores! 

Oh yes, remember how we moaned about the Simpsons collection and how we weren't going to collect them?

Well I decided that if LJ and I are going to play Legos in the future, then we are going to need some child legos for our games. Therefore I took it upon myself to have a Wednesday work lunch hour lego trip. Yep, i'm collecting them, by MYSELF and they sit on my windowsill at work. 

We also hopped on board to the free LEGO packs through the Daily Mail back in April. We got a heads up about it from hotukdeals on Facebook but we didn't know the fine print. We didn't realise that you had to get your paper and redeem your free LEGO on the same day.

We were away playing Ultimate Frisbee in a field all weekend for the first two papers. Ali ran after our meal in the evening, to go get a paper from a supermarket he had spotted and then we read you had to redeem from a W H Smith or Toys R us the same day. Doh!

So we missed out on Sat-Tues because we just couldn't get to one of those stores the same day. On Wed-Fri I used my lunch time to go queue at W H Smith to grab us some freebies. I put my first ever instruction lego together on the Wednesday evening. Mr Police Man. I've always played with LEGO but i've been a freelance 'master builder' and never followed instructions. Let's just say I was SLOW. 

We then made a special trip Toys R Us on the Saturday to get the last LEGO. We decided while we were there that we would let LJ play on the demo cars (as we had got him a cosy coupe for his birthday!). Then he did something amazing.

Towards a £250 electric Ferrari car. 
In your dreams, baby.

He was 11 months and 1 day old. After the first few steps, he was off! I guess what better place to encourage you than a place filled with toys on all sides.

I also picked up a sale item for LJ Ali. We had fun sticking in all the mini figures we already have. It came with loads of other random LEGO stickers, so i'll properly let LJ have fun with those once he can refrain from eating them! 

Ali was really sad to miss out on Spiderman in the free Lego, so he did another EBAY Purchase. We need ALL the superheroes, obviously.

LJ got introduced to all the other mini figures. He sat still for the whole time (this is a BIG thing for us!) and he was so gentle with them and got very excited. Whenever he sees the box then he points and goes 'Ooo'. 

He did create his first LEGO build, last month. He was getting good at copying us putting the blocks on each other, then he just went ahead and built something!

We even snapped this naked master builder shot! 

So we do lots of building now and if you help him and he doesn't like where you've put something, he will take it off and put it where he wants it. 

Some of the Simpsons figures are easy to guess, but i'm now to the point where I have half of them and i've been picking the easiest to identify! 

I'm not going to lie, I love going to the shop on a Wednesday and getting a figure! There is something that just reminds you of pocket money and a regular activity (In my otherwise hectic unorganised life). 

I even done my first 'swap', someone at work had this one twice, so she gave it to me and I went out and got the police man for her in return! I'm glad it didn't take me long to find.

Then Ali decided he wanted to collect something while he waited for the new mini figure series. The Lego Mixels are fairly new and are made up of three individual mixels that when put together, make a big lego mixel. They come in different colour packets and you can see which one your buying and they retail for £2.99 each. It started with 'i'm just going to get these 3' and then it was 'it's actually really good value, you get lots of LEGO parts' and then moved on to 'They look really cool, do you think they look really cool?' and finished with me saying 'JUST GET ONE.' 

I must admit. They do look pretty cool, I love the funky unique LEGO bits. 

So this is our one from last week.

I love that they use normal LEGO parts to make up the other features, like the helmets. 

Father's Day this year I was kind of stuck on what to get Ali. I mean, last year, I gave him a baby! How do you trump that? So we went with some LEGO.

He'd got quite a few of the Superhero LEGO people but he was missing Batman. I thought, easy, I'll just get a batman set. done. 

How wrong could I have been?

Apparently there are lots of different Batman's. I wanted a traditional looking one, so after browsing the LEGO shop online for all the different sets, finding one that suited what I wanted and then finding the best place to get it from, I got this set.

I was happy because you got Flash too and he's cool. 

So that is hopefully the LEGO round-up from the last couple of months.

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