Sunday, 29 June 2014

Scissors, glue and a bit of creativity.

Remember those cardboard letters that Ali bought me for Christmas? Yes. That holiday that occurred 6 months ago. 

Well I FINALLY got round to decorating them.

Now i'd done some research on Pinterest about what sort of design I wanted to decorate them in. All those ideas were done with paint but then my cousin put an image up of some she had done and she used tissue paper. My mind then had a flash back moment to a pack of tissue paper I had seen that was animal print. I knew I wasn't making it up (I hoped!) but I couldn't for the life of me think where I had seen it. 

I dragged poor Soph around town searching for this idea in my head and we found some other paper but it was around £1.99 per sheet. We continued the search before we went off to find some PVA glue and there, hanging in front of me was my pack of 6 animal print tissue papers. YES! I'm not going crazy.

I went in to the project without much planning, I thought i'll just see how it goes! Worst case scenario I can always cover it over! 

So I tore all the tissue paper into long strips of paper. I had some letter that would be difficult to cover if I didn't have the thin strips.

I mixed some PVA glue with some water to make a thin paste and covered the letter section first and then covered the whole strip round as I placed it on the letter. Some of the print was covering over, I guess if I wanted to do it neatly I could have measured out the strips better, but I was just going for it!

Certain prints were easier to disguise if they were covered over in places and doe of the prints needed more than one layer. If I was to do more letters, I would maybe paint the letters white first, so then I would only have to do one layer.

They dried pretty quickly, which was good because I had to keep swapping letters to make sure I could continue to hold on to them, while I placed the strips.

Sorry for the low light photos, of course all my project stuff is done after baby bedtime! 

I was quite happy at the end result. It was a fairly simple and enjoyable project to do and it didn't take that long! 

So I left them to dry and done the finishing touches! My dad had fun in the morning re ordering the letters to read - Golan. 

Of course they aren't up on the wall in his bedroom yet! That'll properly be another 6 months! I did make one mistake, I was supposed to do the 'N' in the leopard print and the 'A' in the snakeskin because of the separation of the lighter and darker colours, but I guess I was too keen and picked up the wrong animal print! 

It was such a fun project and very easy for anyone to do! Our local craft shop stocks the cardboard letters for £3 each or apparently amazon stock them for £2 each as an add on item. I like these ones because they are nice and thick and give a good 3D effect.

Who knows, maybe i'll do requests if you want some made! 

Talking of designing, I did a few LogiBear Print designs in the last month for new baby additions! 

Please go and like the Facebook page (Link above) if you want to see more. I have loads of design ideas in my head but I haven't had a lot of time to get them done. Ali and I have a week off work soon, so I may send LJ and Ali out for a boys day and get to work in Photoshop!

For LJ's birthday party, we held a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. 

Ali and I decided to make a lot of the decorations ourselves, so we were every busy in the lead up to LJ's birthday party (which is why I had no blog posts for nearly 4 weeks!) and of course we worked dead into the night. I did a few crazy weeks of 1am bedtimes and 5am starts with LJ! Safe to say my energy drink addiction returned! 

These were signs we wanted to make to add a bit of colour and craziness to the party. I made all the arrows and wording in photoshop and we printed them out and stuck them to thick cardboard and used a craft knife to cut them out.

We then got the inner cardboard tubes from wrapping paper and stuck the arrows to the tube and made sure they pointed in different directions, like the signpost in Alice in Wonderland.

They took a while to dry and be secure. I did think about using washi tape to decorate the tubes but in the end I ran out of time (and energy). 

Sadly we didn't get a photo of the finished big sign at the birthday party. We had 15 minutes to set up and I was running around like a crazy stressed mummy and managed to snap a few pictures (but not very good ones) before everyone came in, but I missed the sign which was at the front entrance. 

Ali also made a couple of smaller signs and we used these for the buffet table. I finished off the bottom of the stands by using coloured tissue paper. 

I also made a couple of these cupcake garlands that I saw on Pinterest. They are SO easy to do and such a great effect! I picked up a couple of packs of cupcake cases from Poundland and they just happened to be the bright colours that I needed. I then used a thread and needle to thread through the middle of each one, placing them in alternative ways to create the spacing between them and ta-da! Instant decoration! 

I used them to decorate the table cloths on the floor for the baby tea party. They make cool rustling noises as well, so were pretty fun too!

I also had a go at making another garland, although I didn't have the materials I needed. I used tissue paper instead of scraps of material. (Why do I have so much tissue paper about?!) It turned out ok but I didn't have time to fasten it correctly on the table and the only photo I have bugs me because one side has fallen down!

I wish i'd paid for the hall for longer and just gone in and decorated with good time. I think it will be something that bugs me for a while! I'm just like that. 

I'll post more photos of his birthday party in another post, but the cake stands were also a great buy from Poundland! In fact I love that shop for stuff like this! I also got my coloured platters for the food from there. I love when things you want for a theme just happen to be the 'in' thing to have at the moment and are therefore stocked well in all shops.

I also made a couple of other print outs for the props! His original party was supposed to be out in the park but we had pretty bad weather leading up to the weekend and I panicked and booked a hall. We ended up having brilliant hot sunshine, but everyone was glad we were inside because the food and babies would have melted! 

We also slaved away at cutting out photo props to secure to sticks for photos at the party. To save time, I purchased a couple of PDF picture files off Etsy to print out. Sometimes you just need to spend a bit of money to save a bit of time. 

I'm gutted I didn't promote the use of these more at the party. I completely forgot about them until near the end of the party. I threw a bunch at my teenage cousins and said do your selfie thing!

So they had fun! We even got my grandparents and great aunts involved!

They needed some guidance on what to do with photo props! 

We managed to snap a picture of my gorgeous birthday boy with his mad hat on! I didn't bother making him a real mad hatter hat, because he's at the whole 'i'm going to take off anything you put on me' stage. He thought the bunny teeth were funny though! 

Finally I threw together a little book to have at the party. It asks for peoples opinions on what LJ might be like, at say 21 years old. Everyone had fun putting in their comments and i've placed it in his memory box for future reference!

So i've been a bit creative the last few weeks! I need to write a half yearly review on my new years resolutions! I will also cover what we got up to over LJ's birthday celebration week!

One last shout out to my amazing best friend Sophie and her baking (and drawing) skills.

She made these cute cookies for the party bags! (for the Mummy's to eat, obviously)

I'm so lucky to have great friends who come to my need! 

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