Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My boy is one.

So i'm hoping to have something really exciting to share with you all soon!

In the meantime, let me share with you the AMAZING photos my friend Joshua took of Logan for his first birthday. Joshua has started out his own photography business and has loads of amazing kit. His website is J Andrew: Film and Photography and he does everything! So go book him for your wedding, portraits, family session, etc! 

Show him some love on his Facebook page too! I highly recommend him, especially to capture those special family memories. My favourite is the location shoots because your family can just act natural and feel at ease. (Trust me, Ali does not do well in a studio being forced to be lovey dovey!) 

So LJ turned one. 

When he sent a preview of the photos through to me, my heart just melted. I know i'm being bias but my baby is gorgeous. Add a new birthday England kit in to the mix and a football and you've got some lovely natural happy shots. As much as Ali is a Ultimate Frisbee player, I think LJ might be a footballer! He loves it! 

We just let him kick the ball around and chase it and I might have pulled some silly faces behind the camera.

I appreciate its hard working with a baby, especially one who has been walking now for 3 weeks and is starting to try and run! I'm so happy with the pictures though, a brilliant reminder of his first birthday and his first world cup! 

I wasn't planning on being in any photos as Ali was at work, so we planned to have a family shoot a little later in the year, but I couldn't resist! After all, it's a year celebrating my love for my little man that I gave birth too! 

I can't believe how he suddenly went from baby looking to toddler looking! I'm blaming the hair growth! 

LJ is a serial kisser at the moment! I think it's obvious we do a lot of 'give them a kiss goodbye' because he picked it up pretty quickly but he is a bit of a frenchy!! He also has a lovely new game of pinning you down and giving you kisses and then continuing to press his face into yours until you giggle because you can't escape. This causes him to giggle and it's so lovely to see him joking around! 

I'm a big instagram follower and I have American family members and so i've been wanting to try out a 'cake smash' photo for a long time! A cake smash is basically putting down a cake in front of your one year old and letting them do what they like! 

Considering LJ had never had cake before, I was kinda expecting more of a face plant into it. I guess he's like me, i'm not a fan of sticky hands! I had to keep showing him that it was food! That he could put it in his mouth! Yummy! 

He just kept running away... straight at the camera with icing hands! Ah! 

It basically ended up with me and LJ covered in icing! 

This one was my favourite image in the end, we used it for our thank you cards.

It's the moment he finally realised he could eat it. 

We had a great time and it was so much less stressful than if I tried to take them myself. I've done his 12 month photos and made the decision that we will revert to 6 monthly photos in the green chair, I can't take the stress. 

So thank you Joshua for your wonderful photography skills and getting the photos to me so quickly. 

I'll go back to finishing up the surprise now... I say surprise, it's totally all for me but I will share it with you.

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