Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Eleven Months.

So I'm fully aware I haven't posted in over 3 weeks. Turns out that I need more hours in my day to achieve everything I try and do.

So about 3 weeks ago my little man turned 11 months. 

Dear LJ,

You are 11 months.
You can WALK. You took your first steps in Toys R Us heading towards an electric Ferrari.
You love blueberries.
Your new favourite gesture is to put both hands in the air and shrug your shoulders.
You say Nan Nana.
Your still obsessed with birds and dogs.
You love your trains and Thomas the Tank Engine. 
You have got better at getting to sleep on your own.
You amaze us everyday with your new skills.
You tried colouring in for the first time and then tried to eat a crayon.
You understand words we say and can point out animals or fetch items by word.
You passed your one year review with flying colours.
You like to watch big kids playing.
You give out kisses to everyone.
You have started to dance to songs. 
You like to push buttons especially in noisy books.
You love your story time before bed.
You have begun to show us foods you don't like by removing them from the bowl.
Your hair is getting longer.
You STILL have four teeth and continue to be a vampire child.

You will be one next week and mummy isn't sure she is ready.

Oh and you climb EVERYTHING.

Remember when your baby is crying in frustration because they can't move off their back and you say to yourself "It will be so much easier when they can roll over?". Then you continue to repeat yourself for every stage and then realise that no stage is 'easy'. 

Well my current one is 'It'll be easier when he's walking confidently' because even though he went from a few steps to walking lots in two weeks, he walks like a drunk most of the time. There are just too many sharp edges in the world. 

So you know how I always say each month the photos get harder? (I did actually take these on time, i'm just late posting them up)

Well this month wasn't too bad...thanks to my friend Thomas.

It did result in a pretty gormless child expression though, as the video above shows.

I got him to smile by throwing balls at him, although this proves difficult to do and focus a camera at the same time. 

I can't wait to put all the month photos together. I'm thinking I might print them all 6x4 and put in his nursery alongside the small space between the wall and the window. We also got some lovely photos taken of him for his first birthday, including a cake smash photo. They are amazing! (I might be bias) I will share them soon! 

There is also a LEGO update coming soon. I need to gather up all the photos of various mini figures. Oh and prepare to be bombarded by first birthday features, i'm STILL in denial about it all, it's like we're just celebrating him for the whole week and i'm ignoring the fact he will be one. I had a moment when I phoned about his birthday party and had to leave a voicemail message that said I was querying about my son's first birthday party and it made me feel so OLD. 

So expect more regular posts again soon, once i'm done celebrating my SON turning ONE.


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