Monday, 23 June 2014

A year in video.

I present to you, my baby boy, from the day he was born to his first birthday. It's a 20 minute video but I promise it's worth it. So go make yourself a nice cuppa and settle down for some baby cuteness overload (and a bit of reality thrown in).

So for the last three weeks, I've been working on a little (ok, Big) video project. Ever since I saw the video of the dad who took video everyday of his son and put together a fab video showing his first year, I thought I want to have something like that. 

So I started filming at least once a day, I missed some days and I only started planning to do this from about 3-4 months so there are less videos from before. In fact there is hardly any videos from the start, I guess we were too busy being sleep deprived and feeding. No one needs weeks of boobie feeding videos.

I started off with the plan to take two seconds from each video and well I cheated, some are more. I decided to concentrate on getting fun moments or ones that showed off the new skills he'd learnt. 

I present to you, my baby boy, from the day he was born to his first birthday. It's a 20 minute video but I promise it's worth it. So go make yourself a nice cuppa and settle down for some baby cuteness overload. 

I know there are always those articles about 'living in the moment' and being with your child rather than recording them. Well I hear you, and I know you shared it properly aimed at me or those just like me, but all I can say is i'm not going to regret having loads of lovely photos and videos of my happy baby growing up. I managed to get a video nearly every day by just filming 10 seconds of a funny or lovely moment of our day. I very much get involved with my baby and I want to remember all the little things, because you think you'll remember but add a few more years of life with your baby and your likely to have forgotten something. When I made this video there was moments or things he did that i'd already forgotten, i'm so thankful to have all the videos and photos I have so that we can show LJ when he's older that he had a lovely, fun, adventurous childhood and what a happy baby he was and why he made us so proud of him. 

For those who thought my surprise was a new bun in the oven... It's not but oh how I wish it was. Apparently when your baby turns one you instantly start seeing tiny baby clothes everywhere and your friends keep popping out new ones. 

But must remember - 

Then I can start pestering Ali again. 

So happy 12 months my amazing baby boy. 

You STILL have 4 teeth, although you have one of your big ones cutting through at the back.
Your hair has grown lots and is so blonde.
You LOVE to dance all the time.
You are obsessed with Thomas the tank engine. 
You give out kisses to almost anyone.
You walk confidently and are trying to run.
You say 'Ooo' to everything.
You have changed your wave action to a more frantic wave.
You understand so much of what we say to you. 
You love to point at dogs but won't get too close to them.
You are so much better at going to sleep on your own.
You still like to nip mummy's arm though.
You cry when your daddy leaves the room.
You now say Nan Nan.
You get cheekier everyday.

So what has this mama learnt in the last year?

I've learnt that I wasn't the natural mama I always thought I would be.
I've learnt that I can over worry about the stupidest things.
I've learnt that having a baby is hard work but worth every minute.
I've learnt that i'm highly protective over my baby.
I've learnt when to say no to advice I didn't want.
I've also learnt to ask for advice when I need it. 
I've learnt to make new friends.
I've learnt when to keep quiet regarding things I don't agree with.
I've learnt that there will always be good days and bad days.
I've learnt to accept that my baby is active and on the go and every day I wish he was chilled is actually a day I should be thankful for his curiosity in life. 
I've learnt to accept I don't have as much free time to do my things anymore.
I've learnt that you can still do things you want but you might have to juggle everything else too.
I've learnt that getting the perfect picture can be stressful. 
I've learnt that there will always be new challenges and that you won't always feel bad about your current worry.
I've learnt how important it is to be surrounded by family.
I've learnt that however fun I used to think an all nighter was, it's nothing on a year of sleep deprived nights.
I've learnt that needs must and you have to do what you gotta do.
I've learnt that everything can be made better with a baby cuddle.
I've learnt that however much I wish for a break, I'll want to go straight back to my baby as soon as I can.
I've learnt that even though the last year has been my hardest yet, i'd do it all over again tomorrow because I love my little boy and he brings so much love and joy to my life. 

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