Monday, 5 May 2014

It's all about the apps.

Ever wondered what apps other people use? No? Just me? Well I'm about to tell you my favourites and a couple of newly discovered ones. I'm afraid I'm a Apple iPhone user and so these are all available on the App Store but I'm unaware if they are on other platforms.

First up is - Timehop

I think this app has been available for a long time but these sort of things need a friend to discover and then it spreads through the group. Yes that's right, I've already seen a few of you have downloaded it and are using it! 

The idea of Timehop is it connects to your Facebook/twitter/Instagram/photo files, which ever you choose, and it shows you on a daily basis what you were up to in the last however many years you've been using that social media. Mine goes back to 6 years as that's when I got Facebook (in my first year of Uni because I had to upload a photography project and I had no idea what I was doing!). 

It's pretty cool to be reminded of what (stupid) things you may have been up too and what (ridiculous) status' you wrote. It's a much easier method compared to scrolling back through your media. The only downside is you can't go back and see missed days, unless I've not discovered that yet?

You can even share them via Facebook etc to remind everyone else what you were up too. I prefer to share them via text message to those friends involved, it's a great way to start up a conversation with a friend you haven't spoke to in a while - remember when we thought this looked cool? 

Here's the link to the App Store download -

It's FREE. 

Next up is a newly discovered app - Freeprints

I saw this app through a sponsored Facebook advertisement, normally I would scroll past such an app detailed 'free prints' but I read the quick description and clicked on further. This app is basically a photo printing app but the idea is you get a certain number of free prints each month and then you pay for extra prints or just pay the postage and packaging on the free ones you do order. They give you 45 free each month but if friends sign up using your code (mine is srhind3) and order free prints, then you get give 5 extra prints free for each friend. 

I ordered mine last month and they came very quickly and were good quality considering they were free.

If your like me and take a bunch of photos on your phone and they never make it to a physical copy - this app is for you! It's so easy to select which photos you want to choose and your fre prints limit refreshs every month, so it's great to order last months photos at the beginning of each month. 

The hard part is choosing! If your shocked by my camera roll amount, that's it deleted down...

The link to download from the App Store is here - 

It's FREE.

An old time favourite (and even more of a favourite after baby brain striked) - keeper.

So I have a million different websites that in signed up too and logins and passwords and it all gets a bit hard to remember, especially if you haven't logged into that website for a while. So my solution is password keeper! It's an app on your phone that you set a password to get in too and then you can list all the different folders, stuff like websites, work, cards and then you can store your user and password and it even has a jumbliser feature to jumble it up for you so even if someone made it into your app, they couldn't work it out.

Now it depends how suspicious you are of things like this. I'm a little suspicious so I just put a reminder of the password for myself. For example, if my password was sunshin659 I might put sun dad as in the word and then dads year of birth. Same with the user, I just put the domin email that I've used to sign up with, like or 

I'd say I use this app at least once a week, usually twice. I discovered this app back in my apple reseller shop years, maybe a customer told me? I can't remember. (This is why I NEED this app.)

This is FREE unless you sign up to the back-up feature at an extra cost. 

A few baby related apps now...

BabyCentre - my baby today

I used the BabyCentre - my pregnancy app while I was pregnant and even though I'd already read up on most of the content, it's great to get expectant daddy's to download too so they can keep up to date without asking you everyday what they should know. You input some data about your baby and it gives you a day by day timeline of what might be going on with your baby or games you can play. I don't use the my baby app as much as I did the pregnancy as it's hard to remember sometimes! I check in every so often and read the few days behind and ahead of today's date. 

I first found the app when my friend was pregnant and it was all very confusing to me the whole measuring in weeks and how long she had to go etc. I downloaded te app and put in her due date and understood a bit better on where she was at. 

You can download the pregnancy app here -

And the my baby app here -

They are both FREE. 

The wonder weeks app is a similar concept to the my baby, but it follows a different theory to wondering what is up with your baby. The wonder weeks explains baby's temperament based on them going through 'leaps' and it's all based on their due date, rather than their birth date.  

This is a chart of the whole year - the storm clouds are weeks you can expect baby to be grumpier, more upset, grizzly. The sunshine blocks are when baby is likely to be more settled and happy. 

The storm clouds are when baby is going through a 'leap' and learning something new. I'm a big believer in this being true, there was a few weeks when LJ was very young when he was very unsettled, and wonder weeks informed me he was getting better eyesight and therefore his whole world as he knew it was changing and this scared him and he'd cry more. 

I don't go totally by it but it's interesting to log in and see what leap is upcoming and what skills baby is learning and how this might affect them. As you can see, I'm good for the next 2 and a bit weeks and then I've got a storm coming my way! (When my baby should have been coming my way last year - if he hadn't been late!)

Each leap is detailed and it's actually really interesting stuff that is usually left out of the traditional baby books. 

The link to download is here - 

The app is £1.49. 

My LIFESAVER app - sound sleeper

You may or may not know that babies like white noise. It calms them, it makes them fall asleep, it keeps parents sane. 

I started off with the Mothercare app that has 5 different white noises that are a minute long and you can loop them on repeat. This was great but obviously there was no stopping it, we spent the first 4 nights or so falling in and out of sleep to the sound of the ocean in our bedroom. Lovely for a bit but makes you feel like you need to go pee even more. 

I think I discovered this one through the BabyCentre birth board that I used to go on after LJ was born. The beauty of this app is it has a time limit! With the free version, you can set it to 30 minutes and after that it reduces the noise level gently and fades out. A LIFESAVER. It also comes with a huge range of sounds that opens the world to white noise listening. 

LJ's favourites were the hair dryer and womb noises and then eventually the rain. I used to pop it on my phone and tuck it in to his carseat and rock him if he was having a meltdown out and about. He's be quiet in an instance and everyone was always amazed. My pregnant friend laughed at me once when I got out my phone and popped on a hair dryer noise but as soon as I put that phone next to my screaming baby, he stopped instantly and fell asleep! It was safe to say she downloaded that app there and then! 

The link to download is here -

The app is FREE but extra features are additional cost. 

Finally it's my photo editing apps. 

I don't normally do a lot to my phone photos, but every so often I need to tweak the contrast on a photo or I might add a filter. I'm not a big fan of the filters on Instagram, so I use this app instead.


I discovered this one through someone I followed on Instagram who was testing the app before it was released back in 2012. When it went live I downloaded it and since then it's had some great updates. 

It has loads of pre-made filters and it's easy to navigate through the app. When I did my pregnancy photos each week, I used the filter 'captain' to make all the photos look like they were part of a project. 

It's got all the basic editing features and then lots of extras and fine tuning. It's easy to save to your camera roll or you can share directly to different media platforms. 

Here is the link to download -

It's £0.69

A beautiful mess

This app was made by someone I had been following for ages on Instagram and who has an awesome home DIY blog. They went to number 1 download in the first week it was released. 

It has loads of cute doodles and boarders if you want to jazz up a photo. You can put text over the top top in a number of colours and fonts. 

I tend to use this one for fun every so often. 

The link to download is here -

The app costs 69p and has in app purchases for further content. 

Lastly, PicFrame

I use this one if I'm featuring more than one photo in one upload. 

Lately I've been using this to group together my #100happydays project (which I'm aware I'm behind in sharing but up to date in happy days)

There are loads of frame combos and in various photo sizes. You can also add some basic filters to your photos while they are in the frames and some background colours and patterns to your frame. 

It's great to make you feel better about choosing which photos to share but fear of uploading 'too many'. 

The link to download is here - 

The cost is 69p.

So there you have it! These are the apps I use on my iPhone. I have to say I used to have loads of apps downloaded but since having a baby, I just don't have the time! I have more blog webpages home pages now than games and such. If you want to read more about any of the apps then click on their links and read up. When I was finding the links I couldn't even remember which ones I'd paid for and which were free. I downloaded all of them based on just reading about them and it's great they were all fab apps! 

If you have a cool app you use that you think I might be interested in then throw a link my way! 

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