Monday, 14 April 2014

It's all about the LEGO LEGO LEGO.

So today I found out that if you do a blog post via your phone and then your phone dies, so does your post. It's hard enough writing one blog post, let alone trying to remember it all again to rewrite it.

So yesterday I apparently FORCED Ali to open the lego sets he's been hoarding since December. By forced, of course I mean it went a little something like this -

'I think I'm going to take out all the minifigures from the storage box and put the superheroes in there'

'What about the turtles?'

'They ARE superheroes too'

'Oh. Well I'll take some photos when you do'

'FINE. I'll do it now.' 

Forced. Yep. I actually started a fun evening, can't you tell?

Disclaimer - the mess in the background is organised clean mess, so it doesn't count, right?

So LJ got his first experience of some Lego, or his first experience of seeing what a nerd his father is. 

He was more interested in his bread and houmous but had to listen to his daddy's jibber jabber anyway.

So Ali got the Ironman set back in December for his birthday (His 28th Birthday I might add) and then we picked up the superman set in Sainsburys this week as they have gone half price. I often forget why we go to a supermarket as we always end up in the toy aisle first. Most of the time we aren't even looking at toys for LJ, mostly daddy's toys. 

I was pretty curious. I've never had a LEGO set before with instructions and various parts. I was a freestyler with random LEGO at my grandmothers house that somehow used to be enough to make a whole LEGO city. 

I listened to Ali go on about how many parts there were that he hadn't seen before, which old ones were his favourites and I must have heard the word 'cool' used about 20 times. Meanwhile I was juggling giving LJ more bread as he ate it faster than I could rip it apart while also managing to flip the spoon in the food up and onto the blinds and floor (missing the LEGO, thank goodness) and trying to listen to all the facts and tales that Ali was trying to explain to me. 

Talking of multi-tasking, it might surprise some of you to learn that I actually have a grade B in A-Level English Language because apparently my grammar in this blog is terrible. As a mother who stupidly made a New Years resolution to write a blog for a year, while also returning to work part time and juggling everything else I try and get done, I'm just happy if I make it through the day with my clothes on the right way round.

#sorrynotsorry I don't have time to worry about the grammar. I'll do my best but it tends to just flow off my muddled head inbetween resettling a baby, cleaning up after the day, sterilising bottles for the next day, doing the washing, putting away the washing... You get the picture.

Back to the LEGO. 

The completed superman set, as shown above, involves a car that can be flipped from the bottom of the tower. I see flying objects and lego underfoot in my future, this doesn't look good. This is why I need a girl to help push back the LEGO barrier with the likes of Barbie dolls and polly in my pockets. I tolerate the buying of the LEGO in the promise that if I ever have a girl, I can go grown up crazy buying up Barbie dolls before the girl can even hold something in her hand. 

Ali was quite impressed with my iPhone LEGO photoshoot. Admittedly the light isn't great as we were losing it fast and I was houmous food flipping between shots. It's amazing what you can do with a sheet of white card, yep, that's the secret. I spent months following a bunch of people on Instagram with the impression that they all owned beautiful white walls and tables to which they took photos of their beautiful things on. One day, a lady simply commented that she used a large white sheet of card next to a window of natural light and the dream was shattered. So there you go folks, £1.75 white card from Papercase that I keep in the conservatory to take photos against. 

Apparently the first instruction in a LEGO manual is to sort the parts into colours. I had already been drawn to do this (there was bright oranges and blues...Ooo) but was shooed off by the master builder.

Now I obviously don't know Ironman as well as I thought because I didn't recognise the villain. At first Ali said he wasn't cool and then he realised he had a gun. 

I read an interesting article the other day about letting boys be boys. Let them run around with guns and weapons and be distrucive. Growing up in a household where we didn't have weapons to play with, I'm still undecided on my views on letting my son have guns and swords etc. Obviously Ali was allowed all sorts of weapons growing up and well him and his brother aren't crazed criminals, so I guess it doesn't mean anything. I think I'm just worried about my son running around being a little s**t with a gun and shooting people and being generally annoying. 

I know I have a little while before I'll come face to face with that tough decision, for now I can enjoy trains and cars with my baby, no doubt his daddy will want him to be running around with a nerf gun with him, so maybe I can just delay what age he's running around with a gun.

Others with little boys, what do you think? 

Finally the last of the sets that Ali just HAD to have were the teenage mutant ninja turtles. I just had to google the order  of their name, yep, I knew what they were, but I couldn't remember if they were teenagers before ninjas or they are ninja mutants or mutant teenagers. 

My only experience of the TMNT is from the 90s when my brother and I used to play the old nintento round my Nan's and my auntie would help us out with this game. 

All I really remember is they ate a lot of pizza. If you've ever wondered how I became a mix of creativity and girl nerd, well one grandparent had pens and paper at her house and the other had various nintento systems. I spent my time writing my own stories and then watching my nan show me where all the secret levels were on Mario. 

Ali loves the turtles and is super excited they are making a new film about them. So he used some of his birthday money to get a couple of sets and he's already said LJ won't be playing with them (what a meanie - Lego movie sound familiar?)

Since I attempted writing this post and then rewriting this post, he has got the final turtle. Leonardo used to only come in a £60 set but they've just realised a £12 set so that tight arses... I mean older men buying LEGO can complete their set. 

This is about as close as LJ gets to playing with the set. 

Ok, I guess they look pretty cool. He hasn't made the sets up for them, apparently he doesn't want to lose the bits when we move. 

Yes folks, we may never own our own house but we'll have a hell of a LEGO collection. No seriously, the house saving is on track. We have however already had a disagreement about where the turtle LEGO sets will be displayed (totally NOT the living room.) 

Do you want to know something funny? 

When Ali and I were picking baby names out for LJ, we decided to each write a list of names we liked then swap them and we could cross out any we definitely didn't like and would be left with a final list. So I get Ali's list and I'm curious where the influence of names such as Leonardo and Michaelangelo came from. It turns out that nearly ALL the names on his list were from his favourite cartoons or tv shows. I'd say this is why men don't pick baby names, however I can neither confirm nor deny that LJ was named after Wolverine.

So I took this photo before we got the final turtle. However on Friday evening while I was in the middle of tackling a crawling child with a poopy nappy, running a bath and getting things ready for bedtime... Ali was rethinking the order of LEGO minifigures in the display box. 

I know, we wonder why mummy gets stressed. He actually is a really good daddy and normally always helps with bathtime when he's here, I guess he just needed to get the order of 16 figures just perfect. 

Seeing as we can't afford lots of these lovely LEGO storage boxes, we had to find a solution to keep the others somewhere until we win the lottery or something. 

We have since found some LEGO boards to keep them all in place. Everytime we picked up the box, they would have a mix and mingle and their would be spears poking everywhere. This has prompted Ali to go searching in his parents loft for his first minifigures, so expect a post soon with vintage minifigures! If you have some old LEGO minifigures, let me know! Send me a picture! I would love to see them. 

If you were wondering about the LEGO movie minifigures, we are nearly done! Ali finally got me the mermaid last week and his dad swapped us the female robot From the Wild West. 

We ended up with two swaps last week for the first time. We go by a tactic of feeling for the most unique item in the pack and most the time this works. The student may soon overtake the teacher as I picked us up the DJ wild style this week.

It seems that Shakespeare with a bald head piece is quite hard to locate. He's our LAST one for the collection, so if you have him as a swap, let us know which one you need in return and we'll go feel up a packet for you - now that's a service and a half. 

Our LEGO crazy week didn't stop there. Ali ended up bidding on two older minifigures on EBay for 99p each. 

Meet Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde and a sparton lady. I get caught up in the excitement when Ali actually wants to spend money. Now if only I could get him excited about baby clothes and stationary, I'd be set.

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