Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter chick cards

Family members look away now! You will Ruin your handmade surprise for the weekend! 

So I love to get LJ involved in the hand making of cards for family! It's just more acceptable to go back to hand made cards when you have a little person to say 'made' it. 

So we made Easter chick cards! (By made, I mean LJ screamed through the foot printing part while shoving Cheerios into this mouth) 

They are super easy to make! I've managed to do them in a evening after work (along with a little 'here's one I made earlier' with the foot printing being done yesterday)

So you will need -
Yellow kid friendly paint
Some white card/paper
A thick black pen
A orange crayon/pen
Some pretty backing card

Additional extras - some yellow feathers

I managed to find all this in my craft box! Another win for me as I'm bad at going out and buying it all new! (It's properly why I had it all in there in the first place)

I started with printing LJ's foot with the yellow paint on some white paper. I tend to pop him in the highchair while I do it to reduce run away paint feet. It depends on how old your little one is and how much they like their feet being tickled (turns out mine no longer likes it). 

I just printed 3 footprints per sheet of paper, it depends if you have a million family members like us or if your just making a couple. 

After the paint was dry (and baby was over the trumatising odeal of feet ticking) I just cut round the feet leaving a small gap so that you can see the footprint. You can use any colour card or paper, I wasn't sure what would show up best so I went with white. 

We have a variety of 'chick' shapes depending on how little wriggling was going on at the time. I then used tape folded over to stick my feet toes down on the backing card. This card was just a square pack of 20 different designs for about £2 from Wilkensons. It had been kicking about for a while due to all the pink and purples, so I figured it was Easter egg like. 

Then you can use your orange crayon/pen to draw on some legs and a beak and added in a little shape for the wing. I used my black pen to add in an eye and wrote my message on the card. The added extra is some yellow feathers for a little extra detail on the wing, I didn't have any feathers (that I could find - I'm sure I do somewhere) so I might add those on tomorrow. 

Easter chick card! 

A nice quick and easy (and fun!) project to do with your little ones (or big - everyone loves a fat chick!) 

Have a great Easter everyone and enjoy the long weekend! We have lots of fun and exciting plans! 

Ps - look who turned 10 months old today, he looks like a toddler! #timeslowdownplease 

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