Thursday, 10 April 2014

First quarter Review!

So it turns out that keeping a house, a baby, a job and a blog is hard work. 

I'm not updating as often as i'd like! Even though I know if I do it more often it will take less time to upload the photos and write the post. 

However, i'm so happy that 2,500 people have viewed the blog since January. That is amazing! I'm really not that interesting but thank you for your support! I hope that at the end of the year I can look back at this diary of events and ramblings and on going projects and be happy I did it and hopefully continue. 

If your happy and you know it, clap your hands! 

This video makes my day! I love watching it over and over. We're coming up to 10 months old next week. That is scary. and exciting.

So, the first quarter review of the new years resolutions I made in the first post of this blog.

1. learn to drive
This isn't even on my radar yet. I've not got the spare cash and i've got to pass my work exam first before I even think about studying something else. 

2. pass my Certificate in financial planning exam for work
This is in the process! By that I mean i've opened the exam book and highlighted some parts (who doesn't love a highlighter?!) but i'm struggling to find the time to fit in the revision between everything else (like maybe writing a blog...)

3. complete some pinterest projects 
DONE! Yes, finally getting some projects completed. I listed some on going things here, and I have completed some projects such as my photo books and painting some glass jars. 

4. Write a journal entry in my new notebook blog entry for every day of 2014.
Ok, it was a bit ambitious to say every day. I've covered most weeks in a sum up blog post and blogged about other things (mainly that i've bought - oops) - the question is, what do people want to read about?!

5. Learn how to use my new DSLR camera.
This is on going, i'm no where near there yet but I've at least experimented with the manual settings on my camera, like close up's of LJ! 

6. save save save. 
We're still saving for our house deposit. I skipped two months of saving due to coming to the end of maternity leave and having Christmas as well. However i'm back at work and back to saving! At least i've been better at not spending so much money as I used to just hang about in town browsing the shops! 

7. Get media organised.
I'm still good at doing my back-ups (because I have THE FEAR every time my computer pauses for more than 5 seconds and re-builds my iPhoto library for the 100th time...) I need to organise my photos on my other back-up drive sometime this week. It's been a while and i'll fall behind! 

8. Video everyday.
Again, due to being back at work, i've become slack at this. However on the days I am off, I video several times a day (i'm sure those who jumped for joy at the lack of baby uploads when I went back to work, then sink down again on the days i'm off work because I make up for it!) I'm using my DSLR more for video and I just LOVE watching it back and i'm always amazed at the quality. However just 3 minutes of film seems to be 1GB of data and it takes about 4 hours to upload to Youtube so I can share it with you guys! I'm dreading My computers dreading editing the video for LJ's first birthday. Anyone want to buy me a new iMac for June? :) Please...pretty please?

So on a home note, LJ has graduated from hand holding walking to going it alone on his walker ... walking. We just need a longer stretch of grass! 

So remember how I said I was saving?

I'm saving better...

but how can you avoid bargains like this?!

Now I never rated Primark for baby clothes, maybe because everything was baby blue. However I was in there the other day buying some spare double sheets for the house (we seem to hoard 10 spare single bed sheets and don't have one single bed in the house...) and I walked past these tops. and shorts. and more shorts.

It's a range of clothes for 9 months - 36 months and they are £1.50+ per item of clothes. 


I can buy even MORE clothes for the same money ... ok, well LJ NEEDED these because it's getting HOT and he went up a clothes size and I didn't have any summer stuff yet. 

He's still unsure about the hat. 

Pale baby + sunshine + sunhat - hat = hard work

Yes, we have reached the age of I don't want to wear that, i'm going to pull it off and make you look like the worst mummy for not protecting me in the sunshine

I loved being outside in the sunshine playing and having a little picnic and seeing him explore the garden! (He's not such a fan of the artificial grass...) 

He doesn't stay still at all these days.... the 10 month photos are going to be interesting.

So remember way back when it was Mother's day? Yes i've really been trying to do this update since then.

Well I enjoyed my first mothers day with my bub on the outside.

It's crazy to think this time (ok, March time) last year I had a neat little bump and a 6-9m outfit that looked HUGE. Now I have a baby that fits that HUGE outfit and ok I still have a bump, just not so neat. 

I was greeted with a smiley baby and some jam on toast made for me, to which LJ than decided he would help me eat.

Then I got some sloppy kisses for our #sundaymorningmadness photo for that week.

Then daddy left us for some Ultimate Frisbee in Norwich, i'll explain that one another time. 

He left me with my 'sweetie' bouquet though. Yum. i've been working my way through it this week at work. I'm also very impressed that DADDY hand made something for me! LJ's little hands cut out! Yes, very very impressed. 

I then went for a little walk with my boy and treated him to a new toy for being the best son ever. (lets face it, any excuse for some shopping) This boy loves string! 

Oh and we sure are at the height of separation anxiety. 

Some days, I go 4 hours needing a wee because I can't leave the room without him getting majorly upset. He's also getting fast at the zombie crawl and opening everything, nothing is safe anymore! He's bumped his head more times these last two weeks than he's ever hurt himself in the last 9 months. His smile makes up for it when I come home from work and my little zombie comes towards me grunting in excitement... I just swoop him up and kiss him all over his face and he giggles that he has a silly mummy. 

boy I love him lots.

I'm excited it's Friday tomorrow! We're off to messy play, which maybe i'm more excited about than him. I don't remember if I mentioned LJ's #teamnosleep at nursery one day a week? (I properly did, i'm sure everyone was done hearing about it by the end of it) but basically he refused to sleep at nursery and a baby with no sleep is a very unhappy baby and a unhappy baby means a worried unhappy mama. A mama who reads a lease 10 times through at work and still doesn't take note of if there is a break clause because she is thinking about her sobbing baby who she just heard over the phone when she rang to check in on him. Phew. Hard times.

So we're done with nursery, well at the end of the month. We have found a lovely childminder who goes out and about and does lots of fun things and that means less babies crying in the room making LJ cry and more opportunities for him to sleep. 

Thumbs up from mummy! 

Coffee anyone?!

That week (like two weeks ago) marked the first of the 'duplicates'. We got crap at the feeling up the lego packet game. It turns out once you've picked out all the obvious ones, it's hard to work out what you've got. However, Ali brought home the coffee guy and he's now serving overpriced coffee on LJ's new aeroplane (not really, he is of course stored out of reach of young child). 

So it's been a pretty tiring week for us all, ok, two weeks ago for us all. I however have enjoyed a few mummy treat evenings! I went out to eat with my work friends and stuffed my face of Chinese food. So good. I went out for after work all night drinks with my team. I went to my friends for more chinese and gossip catch up AND I went for a run Tuesday night, WITHOUT a buggy. 

I basically feel like a man. 

I missed my baby lots and felt very guilty that it just so happens all the social engagements that i've been noting in my diary, happened in the same two week period. It was great fun though, although maybe not drinking a bottle of wine and coming home to a baby who can't sleep because of a blocked nose and therefore not going to sleep AT ALL that night. 

I didn't get a hangover though. Winning.

i'm actually up to day 42. 

Oh and just because there wasn't enough hash tags in this post, lets throw another one in for good measure #tbt (throw back thursday, for you non-instagram uses) 

Ali and I spent a good half an hour before going to sleep just looking back through videos. It's crazy to think he was ever this small. It was so lovely to smile at our baby and remember all the happy times.

He still said no to another baby. 

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