Saturday, 8 March 2014

Teeth - winning, Sleep - Losing.

After enjoying 3 weeks of LJ sleeping through, it turned out his break was over and his next lot of teeth started giving him hell. We're back to square one with sleeping now, up 2-3 hours in the night wide awake or in pain. It's going to be a rough ride all over again. 

So thats why i've not been able to write for way over a week. My list of things to do is mounting high as my poor buba is overtired and clingy and in pain and just wants his mummy. I'm not sure if its the teeth or the leaving him 3 days a week but he's back to crying when I put him down or walk away for a second. So it's safe to say i've not got much done this week. 

We've had developments in the crawling department...

It has highlighted ALL the things we will have to move out of his way! In particular the fish bucket thats under the tank on this video. 

He still has the crab crawl, I don't think he'll change it now! Hey, whatever works for him! 

Firstly, a quick LEGO update. 

It wasn't so great that I paid £12 for a cinema ticket. I miss my card. 

Turns out that now i'm back at work, I feel even more guilty than I did before about leaving LJ in the evening to go out. However i'd made Ali wait 3 weeks and so I asked my mum if she wouldn't mind putting LJ to bed at hers on Thursday and we went straight from work.

We loved it! I totally laughed at the dad and son bit at the end and warned Ali he can't be like that. He said maybe he'll just have to get doubles of his favourites! 

Here's our LEGO movie mini figure collection so far! 

Our new addition last week was the cat lady. Not one that Ali wanted but hey we got a cat! 

We plan to go do our food shop tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get another! It gets hard at this point because we have half of them! 

If you missed out on the mini figures then check this post

We really need another one of these cool storage boxes, however at the moment, we're just using a see through storage box to stand our little lego men in safely! They are on a high shelf due to little man...

He loves pulling dvds and books off shelves! He's pulling himself up on things a lot more too, well being more graceful about it anyway!

So I finished my second week of work and it's pretty obvious LJ is still adjusting. He clings to me as if he's terrified i'm never going to come back and it makes me so sad. I think in general, he is fine, I think I remember how I hated being left and the feelings I had, and it makes me sad to think he may be feeling like I used to. I guess the difference is he is a lot longer than I was and hopefully won't ever remember and by the time he can, he'll be happy to be left and see me come home again. 

Going to work on lack of sleep is a challenge indeed. I'm usually ok in the morning, but after lunch and especially as the sun has been coming in through the office window and making it very cosy, the tiredness catches me up. I've been relying (a little too much!) on energy drinks again! They are my addiction and I'd done well not to have one from when I found out I was pregnant, through to when LJ was about 6 months and starting to have bottles in the day. (No sane person is going to drink an energy drink and risk such energy being passed through to her baby that already doesn't sleep at night!) Now i'm craving them more and more and i'm fully aware of it! ah. 

I am quite enjoying the me time on my walk to work and home again, two times a week. The evenings are getting lighter each day and the weather is improving too. I'm amazed how many people walk home along the docks, it's nice to all be set free at the end of the day! 

On the two days off we have in the week, LJ and I have swimming on one of the days, so that pretty much takes away one as I have to carefully time his lunch and nap before swimming to ensure he doesn't have a meltdown. So i've gone from 5 days a week to meet up with other mummy friends and see family and have chill out days, to just one. This makes me even more reluctant to do house chores on this day! So I've gone from being quite relaxed to stressing of all the things I've got to do against spending all the time with my boy because I miss him so much.

It's a tough life for mummies! 

So last Friday, LJ and I went to visit GG (his great grandma) and she had a surprise waiting! This lovely moose rocking ... moose? that my cousin had and has kindly given to LJ to use! I'm in love with it! The colour and the fact it's a moose. Plus they go perfectly with his Freshly Picked red moccs that he's very nearly grown in to. He's very stable on the moose but he obviously still has no concept of danger and was having so much fun he kept taking his hands off! He must love he gets to be rocked without mummy wishing he was falling asleep. 

Oh and those leggings are 9-12m. 

This is by far the most he's grown in an age bracket (clothes one anyway) as i've noticed we haven't yet made it to the end of the age group and he's already out growing clothes and fitting into the next size up. Where did my baby go? I can't believe he'll be 9 months soon. I'll have had him 9 months in and 9 months out. Time has gone so fast as well as feeling so full. I'm so lucky to have had 8 months with him full time and i'm so sad that I won't ever have that much time with him again, even by the time we're ready i've begged Ali to have another one, he'll be old enough to be starting playgroup and then school. 

I'm so excited that the weather is improving! Dry on the ground and mild in the air and I can take my baby quickly outside for a picture without having to put 5 layers on him first. He LOVED being walked about outside! It must be a whole other world to him that he normally only sees from his pram.

So when it was really quite warm, this friday just gone, I scooped my baby up and we went over to the little park near us and I sat him down on the grass for the first time and let him explore.

and then he maybe accidentally ate a leaf.

and had a little crawl. 

Bring on the warmer weather! It was a perfect day after a bad week of me feeling very guilty that my poor boy was teething and feeling rotten and I was leaving him places when he was upset. 

We also took advantage of the warm sun on the back of the house and the fact that LJ is more stable on his feet (or should I say, foot and knee) and hung out playing in the conservatory. Even though i'm still very scared of the hard floor and head injuries! It was great to have so much light and different space to explore. Ali got him the rattle ball a couple of weeks ago and the balls are a sure favourite. 

We had a great start to our family weekend, we headed into town to pick up some bits and LJ and Ali went off on their own for a while and I enjoyed being free to use stairs in a shop and just carry my purse! Plus I love the thought of them having daddy and son time, they returned with a new RaRa the lion toy (which LJ had most of in his mouth to relive his teeth) and some bubbles which he loved when we got home. 

We always try and do something exciting or different as a family at the weekends, I just need to think of some upcoming ideas! We have so many things we can't wait to share with LJ. Having a child is a blessing, so many experiences to share with them and see the excitement in their eyes. 

Oh, last weeks #sundaymorningmadness

I thought i'd have a go at using my (unimpressive) arm muscles to fly my superhero (in his new dressing gown) up into the air! Feel free to join in my hashtag on Instagram or Facebook! I'd love to see your sunday morning madness moments! Be it on your own, with kids or furry animals (or partners...). I'm a big fan of the hash tag games like #widn (what i'm doing now) or #onefromthecuttingroomfloor (a photo you took and never posted, or an outtake of one you did) and other fun play a longs! Tag me to play along too! 

I love that a few people on my feed are doing #100happydays that I mentioned in my last post. Here are my first 9 happy days! I've made it to 12 so far, I hope I can keep it up! Every day is a happy day as long as my boy is involved! It's just the nights that are hell... fingers crossed I see some teeth soon and get my happy pain free boy back! ... Kids don't have too many teeth...right?! ;) 

This delivery came on Friday, it may be a while before I've sorted them. Some were prints for family, some are for his week by week book and others for my August 2013-August 2014 scrapbook. I'll write more in the next post (if I get some sleep) and share with you my lovely new box I have for LJ's keepsakes!

Happy weekend folks!

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