Monday, 24 March 2014

Nonabox Delivery and Memory boxes

So I was VERY excited when this finally arrived through the door this week.

Nonabox are a subscription service that provides a box of goodies for pregnant and parents of children up to the age of two years old. Once your signed up, you will receive a box each month full of surprises! The contents of the box always are worth more than the subscription fee and you fill in some details about your child/bump's age and gender first so that it is tailored to you.

I first heard about Nonabox via a sponsored Facebook post advertising a new upcoming subscription box service for mummies. I loved the idea of this, so I went ahead and liked their Facebook page. When they launched, I was so tempted to sign up via their various offers. I would look at the contents of the boxes each month and think, I wish I'd signed up! I was just worried about spending more money (and still fuelling my baby clothes buying addiction) and so I let months go past but still followed their page. Then in February I received a 20% off e-mail and thought, i'm going to go for it! So I signed up for 3 months at a discounted price and waited patiently for my first box! Prices are here

Turns out i'd missed the cut off point for that month, as they ship towards the end of the month, I pretty much waited a whole month for it to arrive!

I love the idea of surprise boxes full stop. This one, however, was also so beautifully presented and wrapped and designed. Simplicity at it's best! 

I was so excited, I opened it up before taking the photos for the blog! I opened it with LJ on my lap and we were both so excited to get stuck in!

These are our goodies! 

* You book by Emma Dodd 
* Jack N' Jill natural toothpaste 
* Pasito a pasito spoon
* Pasito a pasito dummy clip
* Faye and Lou muslin
* Vikingtoys truck
* MAM first toothbrush
* Love token postcards

LJ's favourites were the truck (he's recently really into his cars and trucks!) and the book, which he actually let me sit and read to him and we didn't have to skip any pages! 

I think my favourite is the book and the muslin, as the muslins are on my list of 'things to get if I have another baby' as they do really big ones that you can swaddle with! I just love the bright colours too! 

The dummy clip is really lovely but sadly it doesn't work with our MAM soothers we use. Maybe in the future if he has a different one, then we can use that.

This page is my favourite, your fidgets and your wriggles... oh yes, we've been experiencing those this week for sure! Read yesterday's post about what LJ's been up too! 

So I highly recommend Nonabox! It's so fun and exciting to see what you will get each month! It's also a great gift for a baby shower to that mummy who already has everything! My pregnant friends reading this... I may have just given the game away... sorry! 

Also don't freak out when you see Amazon Spain on your credit card statement and go into 'I'VE BEEN HACKED' mode and frantically change all your passwords and struggle to log into online banking only to realise that the amount is the same amount as you just paid for a Nonabox subscription. I believe they are originally a Spanish company! Panic over. 

My next exciting thing for the week was finally getting round to finding a memory box for LJ's keep sake items. I wrote about where I found the box a couple of weeks back, but I had yet to do the finishing touches. So we took a trip to the Range which is like heaven for a creative wannabe. They have EVERYTHING you could dream up. I went into a little daydream around the craft section and was only vaguely aware that my baby was charging up and down the aisles with his daddy shouting Rararara at the top of his lungs. 

I found my luggage tags that i'd had in mind for this project and I got myself a new black pen (i'm a sucker for a good pen, don't let me borrow one to write with, if it writes good, it may go missing). I also picked up some things to personalise any orders I print out for Logi Bear Prints when I send them. 

I knew I would always keep a box of his things, I was gifted a 'Born in 2013' box when he was born and it's adorable and keeps our hospital bands in currently, but it was too small to keep everything. I had been putting aside things like his first sleep suit and hats, his shoes and when I had a good clear out, I couldn't bring myself to throw away his first dummies either (to remind myself what a LIFESAVER they were). 

So once i'd laid eyes on this beautiful Peter Rabbit box, I knew I needed something extra to put with the things in the box. So I decided on some tags that would have the item on the front and a little story on the back. Surprisingly I don't think I got this idea from Pinterest, although I could be wrong, it's hard to remember what I haven't seen on that site. I properly saw something similar with these tags and thought I can do that with the baby items.

So I got to work on labelling up some of the items. A few aren't labeled because it's obvious what they are and I still have a few things to locate and store in there. For now, here are some of my favourites and a few photos of where they originated from!

His first sleep suit. The one daddy dressed him in and took about half an hour to finish.

This sleep suit was part of a pack of 3 that we got from NEXT after we had our 12 week scan. We wanted to be the first to get something like some sleep suits for our baby, so we headed into town to locate the perfect FIRST sleep suits. 

It was HARD work.

Pretty much everything was boy or girl, blue or pink or just plain white. 

We finally located some in NEXT and they fit the search for neutral and featuring animals. I also loved that this one said 'hello' on it. A fitting first sleep suit for someone with plenty of visitors. 

Daddy's finished attempt at dressing baby! It's crazy to think it's newborn size and he still didn't fit it. 

Next up were his first hats.

His 'gnome' hats as his daddy calls them. He was very sad when they no longer fit! I actually nearly didn't pack these as I kept picking them up and stretching them out and thinking these are way too SMALL. I took a 0-3m hat with me too and it was actually the first one Ali tried on LJ after being born, the same one he picked him up and said to our blue vest, white huge hat baby - 'LOOK YOU HAD A SMURF' ... he's just lucky I was still in Gas and Air dream world, or I might have had a come back. We quickly changed him into one of these hats as the other one kept covering his face. Plus these are way cuter.


This is when I go into broody craziness and took ages to load my photos because I kept looking through them all and showing Ali, look how tiny he was. look how cute he was. I want another baby... 

Of course nothing beats knitted items, especially if your baby's great grandma knitted them. This cardi did him well up until 6 months! He only actually got to wear it once before the heatwave of 2013 last year, then he wore it when he was much older.

Just jamming, in his gnome hat too. I think those sleeves were rolled down about 5 times.

mini-me anyone?

LJ used to do lots of funky hand expressions when he was in that curled up newborn stage. Like I needed excuses to take more photos... anyway, this was day 4, the dummy crack day.

You know when you were pre-baby stage and you'd see a baby with a dummy in and you'd think 'my baby isn't going to have a dummy'. Yep, I was one of those people. 

How stupid of me.

So it's day 4, well night 4, we are at home and LJ decides now is the time to really show us what his lungs are capable of. The terrace walls of our house are vibrating with the rebound of newborn cries, the white noise app has been playing for 4 hours now, it's 3am, it's dark, Ali has sung the same song 20 times, we're tired, my boobs are sore, I say - 'I know where a dummy is.' 

The rest folks, is history. I bloody love dummies.

So i'm thankful for this freebie first dummy that came with a bottle pack we got. It's a keeper for the box, to remember to never judge other parents decisions again! 

A few of my favourite things.

The tigger shoes we purchased before we even knew we were having a boy. I'm a BIG tigger fan. I have loads of the stuffed toys from all over the place and I was pretty set on buying tigger clothing, even though they are always aimed at the boys. I was thankful for these little shoes when I had a toe wriggler that wouldn't keep socks on. 

The ho ho ho sleepsuit was LJ's Christmas eve jammies. When I heard about the idea of a Christmas Eve box I jumped on the bandwagon! What a lovely tradition to have with your children, a box that contains new christmas PJ's, a Christmas movie and other Christmas related items for your child! I've decided i'm going to have to keep every years Christmas PJ's for keepsakes. 

The most adorable John Lewis shirt was gifted from my friends Hannah and Dan before LJ was born and if you ever wondered if a baby could get cuter, put them in a shirt vest and you will die of love.

My heart melts even now. This is LJ at my birthday lunch, stealing the show in Pizza Express for looking so darn cute. I tried to find it in a bigger size but didn't have much luck, the closest I could find for cuteness was his valentines tux.

We couldn't remember 2013 without remember the year of the royal baby (and everything that went with it). I jumped on this too, mainly because our American family were coming over to visit and so everyone was grabbing all things British anyway. LJ's surname is Kings and so I was pretty much stocked up on all King related t-shirts and clothing, these were just essential items (of course). 

You want to know the good thing about having children (as well as all the really important good bits) you get to celebrate ALL the holidays and it's even more fun! I love that the supermarkets are on board with this and provide cute 'First' t-shirts for every occasion. 

Lastly, for now, I had his birth and Christmas cards. 

Now I did see this idea on Pinterest! You hole punch all the cards and thread through some ribbon (I have treasury tags for now, you work with what you've got!) and it keeps them all together and you can browse through them easy at any time!

So I kept his special first Christmas cards from family members and my lovely personalised one from Daddy and LJ. 

I'm glad i've got somewhere to put things in when I find them! (It will soon be time for the big clothes shift around to store 6-9m clothing and get out the 9-12m clothing in the drawers). 

So i'm getting there with my projects! If only I had more time in the day... 

The quarterly review of my new years resolutions is coming up later in the week! I don't even remember what I wrote... could be interesting.

I'll leave you with the next 9 of my #100happydays which i've managed to get to Day 27 and i'm still going! 

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