Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Thursday is my Friday.

Thursday is my Friday!
Welcome to the weekend!
Hello three days with my baby!

The end of the 3rd week of work and I was really doubting working 3 days a week, earlier this week. Not because of the work itself, but because my baby refuses to sleep longer than 45 mins at nursery on a Monday.

This means that he is so overtired and terrified mummy is going to leave him, that he spends all Tuesday trying to sleep but crying about being tired and wanting his mummy to hold him, but being so tired he doesn't know what to do with himself. This makes me feel horrible and guilty and upset that one of our days together is always so stressful because of lack of sleep the day before. You'd think if someone didn't sleep all day when normally they have 3 hours, that they would sleep all night and lie in? Right? No. Not babies! If they don't get enough sleep in the day, then they don't settle well at night and are likely to wake up disorientated and still tired throughout the night. 

So my working week 3 was actually worse than my working week 1. 

My Mummy heart was breaking and I was trying to think what I can do to solve it. I'm still clueless, I can only hope that next monday, he gets more sleep. 

but lets try and not think of Monday, and lets have fun this weekend first.

#sundaymorningmadness  38 weeks old. 

I can't get over how long he looks! That's a 9-12m sleep suit. I was naughty and bought him some lovely NEXT sleep suits this week as he only had one in this size. I'll take a photo of them soon! He also got some new jeans too, I really wanted some lined ones and the next size up, so I treated him again. (So much for me being 'good' this month... I did avoid the GAP 50% off baby sale event though...) 

On Monday morning I experienced the first time i've had to use my phone alarm in 9 months. It would be even more amazing if I hadn't resettled him at 5am, as he slept until 6:30am and it was a work day and normally we are up and had milk by 6am. I was wondering around half ready with my pj top on waiting to feed LJ and my tights and skirt on ready for work. 

I'm amazed that I now get up everyday at 6am. This is from the girl who used to consider 7:30am early. I am not a morning person at all. I miss when LJ would feed and fall back to sleep and we'd snuggle in bed until 7:30 or 8. Now he's up and chattering and wanting to play! It helps a lot that we are getting brighter mornings and I don't feel like i'm up partying in the middle of the night.

I've decided I really like this age. He's crawling (the zombie crawl, still) and he's climbing and he's pulling himself up. He follows me about and comes crawling up to me in excitement when I come home from work. He's exploring and learning and is interested in everything! It's hard work but I get so much joy from just watching him. 

So I loved when I came back in his room to be greeted with him standing up and smiling and dancing in his cot! He was smiling because I was brushing my teeth and he finds that hilarious. 

Our fun was soon stopped by the over tiredness. I've decided on Tuesday's i'm just going to have to accept that I won't get anything else done and make it as easy as I can for my baby to sleep. Even if that means a daytime feed and cuddles with mummy in bed. Needs must! 

It means I get to lay still and stare at this beautiful boy of mine while my heart feels with sadness that I have to leave him at all, but I'm so lucky to have these moments. 

Thank goodness I get to be greeted with this sort of smile when I come home from work on a Wednesday and he's been with my mum. It makes me feel loads better and he was giggling and laughing and hugging in close to me. I just have to remember that I go to work to earn money to give us a better future, it'll all be worth it. 

So i've been looking for a while for a nice box that is big enough to keep all LJ's keep sakes in. I was gifted a lovely born in 2013 box that has our hospital tags in, but I wanted something that could also keep his cards and first babygros, hats, shoes etc in. 

I was in town at the weekend and I had to go to the Works bookshop, which I love because they have amazing stuff in there and it's so affordable! I got LJ some books before he was born and they are usually 4 for £5. So I was in there looking for some books for a gift for another new baby and I came across these lovely pop up hard storage boxes. There was about 15 different designs and I was trying to think if I wanted the one with moustaches on (much like his shoes) or if I wanted a baby blue colour as it would be his baby box, when I saw a lovely green woodland design (on the bottom of a stack of 20 boxes, oops) and so after asking if I could have it, I was even more overjoyed to discover it was a lovely Peter Rabbit box! I knew I had to have it then. They were £7 each or 2 for £10, so of course I needed to find another. I settled with the Tiger who came to tea box and I've kept it downstairs to store LJ's puzzles and hard books in and other little pieces, he loves to take things out of boxes himself, so I thought it would be perfect.

I'll give you a sneak peak as to the contents soon. I've got an idea to add a touch of special to some of the items inside, but I haven't made it yet (It's on that ever long list of things to do). 

Talking of things to do, i'm still working on my glass jars, but some are finished! 

I love having all my pens and pencils on display! It makes me feel more creative, even if I don't have the time for it most of the time. 

These are my scrapbooks with my photos in. I still have the two boxes of photos ready to sort, i'll get there eventually. 

I have some future plans for more designs for Logi Bear Prints, I can't wait to start designing them but I'm not sure when it will be. I'm really tired in the evenings at the moment, after i've finished preparing for the next day and eaten (luckily Ali cooks!) then i'm not much good for anything else. (Why am I still up writing blog posts?!)

We shopped at Asda this week, like old times, and I forgot how much I missed it! (Yes, totally realise that's sad.) however the only bad thing is they had sold out of LEGO mini figures! So Ali did a Sainsburys trip in the week and came back with this guy. It was one he had wanted, so he was happy. I LOVE that some of you lovely people who read this are tagging me in lego swaps and informing me of sales or giveaways! Keep it coming! We don't have any swaps at the moment, but i'm sure in time we will! 

Who else is excited for EASTER? 
Normally, easter passes me by without a thought (and maybe too much chocolate) but this year i'm really excited about making it fun and starting traditions with LJ. My parents never got us a chocolate egg for easter, they always got us a little gift. I really want to do this with LJ, so when I was in the Works (again) I spotted two musical books, one about a chick and one about a bunny. They were £2.99 each and I love that it's just one big button you can hit and it makes a chick or bunny hop noise, I know he will LOVE them. Ever since i've been checking out the easter themed gifts, I dropped by Paperchase and saw they had the jellycat bunnies (like the two LJ already has, they are so soft and we are currently in the process of trying to encourage him to use one as a comfort instead of mummy) not just any ones but PINK ones! 

I read an article the other day about gender stereotyping and how boys aren't exposed to pink toys and such, and I thought this is totally true. When we go round my friends house, he's straight for the pink toys because HE NEVER SEES THIS COLOUR. It got me thinking I should get something that is pink, so that his curiosity is solved. I'm not sure what your opinions are on pink toys for boys, but I figure i'd let my little girl play with dinosaurs and cars, so why not let my boy play with pink toys and dolls? 

So I may get him the pink bunny.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I may get some design stuff done as LJ and Ali are off to visit a friend on saturday, so i'll be home alone. 

I'll leave you with this gem that my cousin found in the photos at her home. It's me, a lot like LJ? Yes? No?

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