Saturday, 15 February 2014

Be my valentine.

Happy Valentines Day! 

You know how you browse pin interest and see all these amazing ideas and think 'I could totally do that'. Well I always think that, no matter how many times I know it never happens how I imagined it! 

Well I tried my hand at a little Valentines Day photo, it was just a bit of fun and just as well because he was trying to tear down my handmade hearts and throw my blackboard away and pull his moccs off and crawl off the box. I managed to get a few pictures before he'd had enough (and so had I). 

that cry was mainly a - I can't believe you won't let me try my luck at crawling off this box mum. What do you mean I might hurt myself, let me try.

We had fun though, before the cry and between the stress. If you want to see the images I imagined when I browsed Pinterest, check out my board here.  

They were never going to be perfect photos as i've still not had time to study my camera. However the weather was against me as I was trying to use natural light from my bedroom window and it turned out to be the greyest day ever. 

I also had a very snotty child and if you look closely, you can totally see. It was nice to see some baby leg though! The shoes he is wearing are off my wish list of American baby items! They are made by Freshly Picked and the awesome thing is, the company was started by a mom who had $200 and an idea. Now they are doing so well and it's a must have baby fashion item! I'd been following them on Instagram for ages (I can't remember if it was pre baby or during pregnancy, i'm going to say pre baby as I was weird like that) and I thought I'd love a pair, but at $60 plus shipping then i'm likely to never get a pair. 

Then they had a black friday sale and I thought, wow even at those prices I bet shipping is crazy amounts to the UK. So with 2 hours to go and midnight here in the UK, I kept seeing the updates to their sale and I thought, i'll just see how much shipping is. It was $7.99, thats like £5!! Sometimes we have to pay that just to ship something within the UK! So I worked it out and it would cost me £30 to have a pair. I figured I've wanted these for ages and yes it was more a mummy present than a baby present but I needed WANTED them. I don't know if it's just me but when I became a mum, suddenly I couldn't care less about buying things for me anymore, I wanted to buy lots of things for baby! (I was the same with throwing stuff out, before I was a hoarder and didn't throw anything out, then suddenly I needed space for baby stuff and I was throwing it away by the bag full!) 

So I was going to get some moccs! Brilliant! Only it was midnight and I couldn't go measure LJ's feet and I had an hour left to purchase. So I crept downstairs to where i'd put his christmas footprint canvas we had made a week ago and I measured his footprint, then added a couple of inches. I really didn't want to order too small, so I went bigger. I also looked up online 'average 9 month old foot size' as I wanted him to get lots of use out and figured when he's up and cruising he could wear them. So I ordered size 4 but now I so wish I got size 3! He doesn't fit them still at 8 months this week and I stupidly forgot he seems to have tiny feet anyway. It looks like he might fit them at around 1. You can tell from the photo that they are huge on him! haha. 

So when FP had a sale a couple of weeks back, I thought ah man i'm totally going to buy another pair but smaller! (I get excited about baby sales) However I put the ones I wanted in my bag to checkout and quickly switched apps to check the cost conversion and then went back to pay and they had sold out. I was very sad. I think a lot of people missed out and they'd only just launched the sale. We are told there will be another one in May, just in time for his birthday ;) 

This is just some of them and I'm in love with them all! 

It lead me to creating a pinterest board for my wish list of boy clothes that I see on instagram and online. My friend once told me she does 'online shopping' by pinning things she sees on websites and it makes her feel like she's buying them. I gave it a try and it's so much fun! Then if I ever win the lottery, I can just checkout everything on this board. I'll just add to that every time I get an e-mail that says 20% off! I'm sure my bank balance will be happier. 

of course I made a girl clothes I love too! You know, just in case I ever need it... and to get my fix of baby girl clothes envy. 

When I found out I was having a boy, I did think oh but their clothes aren't as cute, but I thought wrong! You can dress boys so adorable and stylish! It's so much fun. 

If you have any beautiful baby clothes ideas to send my way, please suggest a pin on pinterest or Facebook link me or e-mail me at logibearprints at gmail dot com. Thanks!

So all the things that I used in the photoshoot I actually had at home! i'm normally really bad in that if I want to make something, I usually go out and buy all the things I need. The crazy wind and rain we have had this week put a stop to that! My plan was to go Wednesday but I was actually told by my dad that I was not to go out in the weather! (Rain doesn't scare me and my baby is always warm and cosy) but about an hour later when the wind really picked up, I was quite glad I didn't go. So I went on a hunt for any red or pink paper I may have. At first I found some pink foam that I'd previously got when I dressed up as piglet a few years earlier and I made some ears. So I cut lots of hearts out but they weren't big enough, so I went searching for my craft box that I generally have loads of paper in, but I discovered I must have stored it when we moved. Finally I found some felt that I'd bought in a pack to make letters for LJ's santa sack at Christmas. I had red and pink! So I got to work cutting hearts!

They aren't the best cut out hearts in the world but I was multi-tasking. I then found some double sided tape in my box (that I chuck everything in too). Then I went searching in my dads office for some sort of string, and perfect! I had all the materials I needed.

Half way through my string hearts making, I had a baby wake up and I realised that the cold both Ali and I had earlier in the week had finally made an appearance. Crafting was put on hold and I was up for 2 hours with this guy until he finally settled to sleep in my arms. We ended up kicking daddy out of bed and I stayed up with the little hot bod and snot machine so that I could keep an eye on his temperature and he could feed when he couldn't sleep. 

We still don't have teeth broken through but I can feel them just under the gum and they are certainly causing him lots of pain still. 

The blackboard was £1!!! from B&M that I bought ages ago for if I ever needed to use it for a photo. I wish i'd thought of the idea back when I started taking LJ's month by month photos as would of been nice to show his age but after the stress of him wanting to pick it up/smudge it/lick it, i'm kind of glad I didn't! I guess this is the one thing that came out a lot  like the idea I saw on Pinterest. So then I had my set up ready for Valentines Day!

I actually really like the hanging hearts, they may stay up on my bedroom wall! I also had to tackle the mountain of clothes that i've been adding to on my storage box since we put it there! 

I ended up using the foam hearts i'd made to decorate a jar of Ali's favourite sweets and choc that I gave him for Valentine's day. 

We don't normally 'do' valentines day. We did the first year we were together, well we went to the zoo and he cooked me a meal. Then we didn't really do anything the next 2 years, then last year I don't remember much but I think maybe he got me a card and I didn't get him one. We entered the unknown zone! The one where we don't know if we are doing something or not. We are the same with anniversaries. So this year we pretty much said to each other 'we are doing cards' then he got me flowers and I got him sweets! Sorted. He then surprised me with cooking a special meal (He cooks for me every night, i'm a lucky girl, but we don't normally have something as exciting as Hunter's Chicken), so that was nice as when I was at Uni for 2 years at the start of our relationship, he would come and visit and we'd buy stuff to make Hunter's chicken and i'd be really glad I wasn't eating crackers or pasta or whatever I survived on at Uni with no cooking skills. 

Ali then further impressed me by saying he'd seen an idea on Pinterest!!! That already had me in love! That we could make strawberry chocolate hearts. He said it had nearly been ruined by the fact he'd pinned it and then it had posted to his Facebook and he had to move quickly to remove it before I saw it. I was quite glad that this showed I do NOT spend every minute on Facebook, like people think, as I never saw this. However I did see what happened next, when everyone started sharing the link, haha! Luckily I was browsing quickly through and never linked Chocolate strawberry hearts with the name Alistair shared... so I just thought it was my friend sharing a link! 

Remember when I mentioned earlier that pinterest ideas don't always work out how you pictured them? Yep. Well that's why there isn't a finished product photo.

They TASTED good, that's what matters.

I was a happy girly! Notice i'm drinking my favourite cloudy lemonade. Don't panic! I'm not pregnant again! I just don't drink much, i'd much prefer a cloudy lemonade over a wine! (ask me again in 5 years).

So we managed to settle LJ, much to him putting up a fight, (I think he knew we were about to do something together) and we had a lovely meal and then sat down to watch the new season of House of Cards on Netflix (the first episode is a SHOCKER) then we decided actually we were quite tired and went to bed! haha. 

Which was a treat as LJ slept through the night! That's two times this week and I must say, everyone is SO much happier in the morning! We were even happy to all play in bed together at 6:30am because we'd had a BLOCK of sleep! So basically I do nothing different  to what i've always done, I guess sometimes he just will and other times he wants a party in his crib at 3am. I have found a solution to my mum problem of not wanting to let him cry but not having the brain function to stay awake for long periods in the night. 

The star projector. 

It looks cheap and makes a loud motor noise and it only cost £7 but it is my LIFE SAVER now. Basically when he doesn't need anything else but is just awake in the night, I put on the star projector and pop it in his cot and he just stares at it and is quiet and doesn't care that mummy leaves the room! Woohoo! 

No tears, no guilt and because it makes a noise, the monitor doesn't pick up all the little baby chatter and shuffling that LJ might do and only comes on if he did cry, and therefore mummy can go back to sleep! I've only had to use it two times in the early morning hours (4-5am) and when I go back through to check, if I do, then he is always asleep on his front with his hand reaching out to it. 

We had a slight panic last night as it ran out of batteries during bedtime and so I was finding 4 new AAA batteries at 10pm ready for if I needed to use it, but it wasn't needed. Note to self, buy huge supply of AAA batteries. 

Happy baby that's had a full night sleep!

Also lots of this going on this week! Hands and knees and rocking! He's got really good at steading himself and can get back down to sitting but he doesn't want to go anywhere yet. I've been begging him to crawl in the next week before I go back to work and risk missing it! It's obviously been tiring him out though as he fell asleep in his bouncer on his own! 

You know just when you think i've not used that piece of baby equipment for weeks and I should properly put it away and store it, well I thought that about the bouncer. Then he was wriggling around everywhere but didn't want to sit with me but was tired, so I got out the bouncer and popped on Thomas the tank and zonked out asleep! I was EXCITED. 

The vibrating bouncer has been my friend for sure while he's been a baby! However when he got to about 20 weeks he no longer was interested in sitting in it and we haven't used it since then really. The above photos show how tiny he once was in it and the last picture was the other day when he was nearly head reaching the top and feet over the end! 

Where did my baby go! 

For the lego fans...

We picked this book up from Sainsburys the other day, I said oh Ali this looks cool and suddenly we were buying it. I think the reason i've got most excited about the Lego is because Ali actually wants to BUY things to do with it! Normally I get a list of reasons why we shouldn't get something, but if it's LEGO it's a go! 

There are some really cool ideas to make in this book with normal lego pieces. I can tell Ali and LJ are going to have lots of fun in the future! 

I really like the reef build! The colours look great!

It goes to show you really can make anything with Lego! Legoland is on our list for LJ's 3rd birthday ;) 

We haven't done our food shop yet this week, so no new LEGO mini figure! We also still need to find a time (and a babysitter) so we can go see the Lego movie! 

I'll leave you with a baby who is trying to crawl and a daddy who is using his cat playing skills to entertain! 

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