Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A little bit of everything.

Once again i've been attempting to write this post for the last 4 nights. The longer I leave it, the longer it takes to upload all the photos and video for the post! 

We'll start with last thursday. After missing out on a lego mini figure for the week as they were all sold out, I popped into Sainsburys on my way to my mums for lunch and saw a fresh box. LJ was asleep so I couldn't even pretend to show him each packet as I felt for the one I really wanted. The taco Tuesday man. I had no choice but two pick two up and feel quickly and as soon as I felt that taco hat I knew I was a winner. The business guy is just an added extra as I had no idea what one he was. Ali was impressed, at the same time as denying my lego feeling skills had succeeded his. i'm better.

Doesn't everyone take pictures of their sleeping babies in funny positions? 

I pretty much have to search around for him in his cot before I can find him. You see that dent over on the left? That's where I put him down to sleep. 

Luckily, we no longer have a problem that he wakes himself up moving about. (apart from our recent sitting up practice at night, that seems to have passed now)

A lot of friends ask what bumpers we have, they are PurFlo ones, breathable bumpers and very sturdy. When LJ started rolling over at 18 weeks, the start of our real sleep problems happened. He was waking himself up bashing his head on the bars or getting limbs stuck and making matters worse by using the bars to walk around in a circle and get more stuck. I debated the idea of bumpers as I'd read they can overheat when their heads are up against the side. Things got REALLY bad at night and I used the decorative bumper we had with a bedding set alongside one side but pretty much got no more sleep as I was panicked all the time. Then, just before Christmas I spotted PurFlo on Facebook and saw they had discount on their breathable bumpers. I didn't have to think twice about buying a set. I'd heard about breathable bumpers but the ones i'd seen didn't look very comfortable from internet pictures. When I saw this one advertised, I could see a lot better from their photos that it was mesh breathable but also padded for little heads. 

They get even better, no string to tie, just Velcro, so another thing not to worry about in the night! They are really sturdy, so even though they only attach at each end, they don't sag in the middle and even if LJ pulls at it while he's awake, it always springs back to place. 

They were a LIFESAVER at improving the sleep situation (and mine). I also no longer lost dummy's down the side! (Crawling under a cot at 2am searching for a dummy is no fun). Now he happily moves all around the cot and can sleep with his face or head against it and no worries from him or mummy! 

Whenever I watch the start of this video I always laugh because he looks like a baby dinosaur when he comes out of the hallway. This is his favourite thing to do ALL the time at the moment. (and we wonder why he hasn't bothered to crawl...!) 

We took advantage of the 13c weather on Saturday and took LJ to the park and to feed the ducks for the first time. Ali's sister was visiting from uni in Scotland, so we all went together, which was lovely. LJ spent more time trying to eat the bread we bought for the ducks! 

All the other kids always stare at him when he's in his gruffalo onesie! He was pretty fascinated with all the big kids running around at the park. 

Loving the swings as usual! Mummy even got a go!

and Auntie Jade enjoyed hanging out with her nephew! 

The ducks were great! They kept away from my little bear though!


Then we went back to Ali's parents and had Mizu takeaway... twice in one week, I was lucky!

#sundaymorningmadness had daddy back this week and the aeroplanes. 36 weeks old. we've been doing this for 22 weeks now! When we first started, he used to plank out straight, now he's far too heavy to hold his whole body up! We just about can lift him in the air! 

Ever since we got this mirror to keep an eye on him... he's basically not fell asleep in the car because he's too busy grinning at mirror mummy and daddy (who he prefers to the real thing).

I can't remember when I took this... but I found it on my computer under mobile pictures but it's not on my phone?! His new thing is the bottom lip tucked right in, it melts my heart.

I keep having moments of overwhelming love for him when I look at him! of course I always have these anyway, but these are very overpowering, like when he was a newborn. I think maybe it's because I know i'm starting back at work this week and emotions are running high.

of course there is nothing better than a baby laugh, especially in the bath :)

So Monday morning came around and it was time for me to go to work! It was LJ's first day at nursery too, so I was already worrying about whether he'd be ok or if he'd go to sleep. For the first time in 8 months I set an alarm for 6am on my phone, turns out I didn't need to bother as LJ set a new alarm too, for 5:30am. (I really hope this isn't a NEW thing...) Even though i'd got super organised the night before, I felt very stressed getting us both ready and out the house. Ok, well getting LJ ready was fine and he happily chilled in his cot with Yo Gabba in the background while I got ready. Getting me work presentable was the hard bit (and avoiding getting any sort of baby fluids or food over me for the next half an hour too). 

So I dropped him at nursery and gave him a big extra tight hug and kiss and handed him over and he cried and wanted his mummy didn't even look back. Thanks baba, don't mind the last 8 months when i've been at your every need. 

No really i'm glad, i'm glad he was happy and comfortable there. I cried when I got out the door, maybe because he wasn't with family and I couldn't just text to see how he was and that I wouldn't see him all day, not even through a picture message. So when I saw a missed call on my phone at 11am my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I asked permission to ring them back from work and quickly dialled the number and waited to be put through only to be greeted with, oh don't worry, he's just asleep. 


I really don't need to worry at all, well done! 

They just wanted permission to take him out to the park in the afternoon. phew.

Work went really well and my brain is moving a lot faster and i'm remembering more and more things. I still practically ran out that door at 5:30pm to go pick LJ up though. He looked SO tired when I went to get him, he got a good report of being happy and eating all his snacks and lunch but apparently he didn't want any of his dinner or an afternoon nap.

So I figured he'd fall asleep on the bus home, oh no. He took out his dummy and smacked his lips together and stared at me. 

No mummy can't get a boob out on the bus, it's just not appropriate. 

So lucky I find some carrot puffs in my bag (for emergencies just like this) and I say ok, just one while we get home. Cue circling of hands and ankles and grunting exciting noises.

about 10 puffs later.


I'm going to call this the start of #napstrike

When we got home on Monday night we were greeted with a lovely package from Cherry Kids! They loved our review and me shouting from the rooftops about how I love their shoes... and properly the influx of friends liking their page and ordering their cute shoes. 

I realised when I got very excited about the moustache shoes that as well as fox items, I also LJ also owns a lot of moustache items. 

He has a dummy too but I didn't want to overload him... now I just need to find some moustache leggings, anyone got a link?!

It was auntie Jade's birthday, so we took the opportunity to make her a card. I got out some crayons and attempted to show LJ how to colour. He did about two marks and then decided he'd rather roll the crayons over the paper and do his funny excited face. (I was itching to colour with the new crayons!) 

This is how calm he is watching Thomas the tank engine. I'm not sure if its because of all the puffing or the narrating or just because its a lot more low key than the trip out of Yo! Gabba Gabba. I took the opportunity to have a play with the manual settings on my camera while he was still and not waving his hands at the lens. I still have a LONG way to go by far, i've still not got round to even glancing at the manual, i'm just kinda tweaking buttons as we go. 

The only problem with shots this still and close... I can see the remains of lunch that I didn't get off. (we're still on wipes protest.) oh and that lovely snotty nose too. 

Those eyes however, I fall in love every time! 

Remember my overwhelming love moments? Just had another and nearly cried simply uploading those photos. Maybe I need to go wake my sleeping baby and cuddle him. Hold up crazy woman, you love sleep too, remember?

LJ is loving the new shoes, great for standing up and watching cho cho as well as bobbing up and down. 

This is just him moving all around! However he did his first proper 'crawl' for me on my day off! I got overexcited again... he was crying and maybe the crawl was in desperation to get to me (I'd put him down for a minute to pour the boiling water in his bottle) It's more a zombie crawl as he still doesn't know what to do with his trapped leg so he just drags it behind and uses the other leg in a half stand to get movement! He did it again in the evening and attempted more today but he much prefers walking around with someone instead. 

More messy lunch and more playing with my camera! 

It was the first time he'd had whole pasta in a sauce. Normally he just has it plain or he's had it mashed up and fed. He wasn't sure at first about the texture but he soon got stuck in! As you can see below, we had orange eyebrows at the end, but he had a good time!

We went to our new swimming lesson on Tuesday afternoon. I will miss swimming first thing, it's a lot easier to get a baby fed and rested before a swim than in the afternoon. We've skipped a term at swimming as there weren't enough babies at LJ's level who swam on a Tuesday, so LJ worked really hard to keep up with the big babies. I was impressed! Not one cry from him as usual. 

He was very clingy and striking from sleep all day Tuesday. I'm not sure if he was really tired from lack of sleep monday day or because he realised I left him all day and he didn't want me out of his sight. When I dropped him off at my mums this morning, he was still so tired (another 5:30am wake) and I think he realised I was leaving again and got a little bit upset, but he soon settled with his nannie. 

Work was good again, it really helps that I actually love my job. I did miss my baby lots though. Tomorrow is my last day of work this week and its very strange to come home, put my baby straight to bed and then preparing his bottles and food for the next day to be at his other nannies house. 

I can't wait for Friday and 3 whole days with my baby! No crafting this week as really not had time at all! Hoping to finish my glass jars over the weekend sometime, i'm sure everyone else in the house is hoping so too, they have took over the dining table! 

Long ole post today! Mostly pictures and videos but I'll try and post more often so it doesn't take so long! 

Let me know if you have anything you'd love to read me blabber on about, or any questions! E-mail me at or write to me on Facebook!

Oh, my friend Sophie shared a link for another instagram/facebook hashtag challenge. 

basically you post a photo every day for 100 days of something that makes you happy. i'm on day 2 and I love a photo hashtag challenge! Click the link and join in :) i'll post some of mine on the next post.

Over and out and goodnight! 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Moccs, Retail therapy, teeth, eight month miracle and half done projects.

What does the fox say?!

He says if there is something with a fox on it, mummy will properly buy it.


These are amazing! I discovered them via a giveaway on a Facebook Page I had liked and immediately fell in love with them and ordered a pair.

Remember how I said I was in love with the Freshly Picked Moccs from America at $60 a pair? Well these are by CherryKids and they are £9.99 a pair! Yes, you read right! So good!

They have amazing designs and i've already spotted about 5 different ones I really want (for LJ of course...). Oh and do you know it gets even better? No delivery charge! They arrived really quickly and LJ loves them! 

He's just starting to stand up and hold on to things and he loves to hold your hands and walk about the house. These mean he can stroll through the kitchen and conservatory without slipping on his socks. It also means his socks stay on in this chilly weather and he loves looking at the bright foxes on his feet and he can't pull them off but they fit comfortably on his feet and our easy to put on a wriggly baby.

These ones are size 6-12m and fit him enough that they aren't overly big on him at 8 months old but they have a little room to grow and so will last him for months to come. I'm going to order a pair of 12-18m ones for his birthday! I'm thinking the moustache ones or maybe the pirate ones! 

Here are a selection of the girl and boy ones! 

The Prince Frog ones are a favourite too! Basically I want them all! The link to their website is up above but they also have a Facebook page too, click here to keep up to date with new designs. I've got a couple of months to make my decision on which design to get him for his birthday! Maybe he'll get two... 

So LJ turned 8 months on Sunday! wow. 8 months?! I actually can't believe I have an 8 month old! Where has the time gone?!

As usual, the monthly photos were a stressful time for mummy... my daredevil is getting seriously close to making me give up taking them! 

Next time i'm going to have to have daddy on set to prevent baby mishaps. At least LJ's still in the frame for the moment...

I still need to edit most of the previous month photos. Here is the first one I took at one month.

He pretty much is as big as the monkey now! I'll try and remember to take his 9 month photos with the monkey again. I've forgotten for the last two month sessions!

Oh, here's the #sundaymorningmadness pictures from Sunday. Mummy took them on her own again as daddy was out cycling. 

I had some great light coming through the window and he stayed still long enough for me not to have a blurry iPhone photo! yey. Those eyes, I die. 

Now, for those who have read the last month, you'll know that I had a 7 month old who cried a lot when I left the room, when I held him...when I didn't hold him. He woke numerous times through the night for no reason in particular and wanted mummy to stay awake and be with him for hours from 3am and who cried and kicked up a fuss every time I had to change his nappy or get him dressed. Basically I was a pretty upset mummy and very very tired. 

Well i'm liking eight months a lot better.

After teething for four, yes FOUR months, LJ has cut his first tooth! I thought i'd seen the two bottom ones under the gum the day before and we have been putting on some teething gel as part of the bedtime routine for a few weeks now and so luckily the little sharp fang was discovered by my finger before feeding time! 

I think I was more excited than when he could stay sitting up for the first time on his own. THATS how much I wanted teeth.

Of course I know this is not the end, for there will be many more teeth. However maybe his teeth have all moved into position over the last 4 months and now they will shoot through with no problems?! A mama can dream.

There has been a lot more of this.

No actual crawling yet but he's got all the positions and then he rocks back and forth and sits back down and cries at what a mean mummy I am for not bringing the toys closer. 

He can move though, but you never really see it, you just notice he's somehow turned round and across the room like a ninja. 

There has been a lot more of this. Sleep, glorious sleep.

I've officially had more sleep in this last week than in the last year. I cannot begin to explain what a feeling it is to hear the monitor and check the time and it's 6:00am. I've even been able to get into a deep sleep state to dream again! It's been strange for sure. 

He also has been taking longer naps sometimes. To the point that I accidentally woke him up on Sunday because I was concerned he'd been asleep for TWO HOURS. He was so happy when he woke up too! Like i've been telling him for all these months, EVERYONE is happier when we all get some sleep.

Notice that little belly?

Well that's LJ's first bit of 'chub'. He's a skinny baby and has never had rolls or chub as such, well now he's getting such a belly that when he wears a t-shirt, the bottom rolls up to his chest sometimes. hehe.

The cups are a big favourite. Ali started the game of saying a sound into the cup and then putting it in front of LJ's mouth and he copies. Adorable. Nothing I like better than daddy and baby giggles. Now LJ will pick up the cups himself and just chatter away into them.

So this week marks my last official week of being a full time mummy. I'm sad that I won't ever have this much time with him again, especially as things just got a whole lot better and happier. I am looking forward to work though, I actually do enjoy my work, it's just the thought of my baby doing lots of cool new things while mummy's not there to see. 

So we had a nursery trial day on Monday morning. We had one last week where I went and stayed with him for 2 hours there and that went well, so I wasn't really worried about him being on his own for 2 hours, more so as to how i'd FEEL about him being there for 2 hours on his own. 

I dragged my mum along with me for support (mainly so I wasn't sat crying to myself in Costa for 2 hours) and we dropped LJ off. He was fine, he had new different toys to play with and even though he stared and watched me walk all the way down the steps to go out (this is what set me off crying) they inform me he was fine and only cried when they wiped his face (no change there then). 

My bank balance however might have suffered.

What better way to not think about being childless for 2 hours than spending more money on that child?! 

They were totally all things mummy wanted he needed. 

The Tip Top vest was my favourite find! After having it sat in my Gap Online Basket for weeks (Gap LOVE to tempt me with sales and money off online shops ALL THE TIME) and after very nearly buying it about 3 times (I always add loads of things to the basket, then get all the way to confirm payment and think I CAN'T SPEND THIS MONEY) I found it in the Gap store for £1.99!! Happy mummy. Of course I HAD to buy it then, right?

The other two tops are from NEXT and they are t-shirts and for 9-12m. My mum got him the red one as she got into the spirt of LJ NEEDS these things. I love when it's time for the next size up clothes! It's like preparing for a new baby all over again, you get to take everything out of the draw and stare at it and unfold it and refold it and organise. This was the first age group of clothing that I didn't have much for. It turns out that when people buy bigger clothes for a new baby, they only go up to 6-9m usually, I guess that's because 9-12m looks like clothes for a toddler and they aren't so cute anymore (Lies). So I usually make a list of what i've got of what. LJ Ended up having 18, yes 18 vests in 3-6m and 6-9m and I didn't buy one of them. Crazy, huh? 

So it turns out he needs t-shirts, pjs and bottoms for 9-12m, so mummy must hurry and spend money and provide for baby, yes? 

The leggings were a pack of 2 from M&S and they have little anchors on the ties. I'm a big fan of leggings! Especially when babies are learning to move about and obviously if I could live in leggings and pj bottoms everyday, I would (I nearly do, sad that I will have to wear real clothes to work). So I had to purchase these because 1) It's hard to find boy leggings that aren't baby blue (which i'm not such a fan of) and 2) aren't jogging bottoms (as apparently only girls can have leggings and boys must look like grown up children already) so yes, a must have. 

We also bided time having lunch and purposely chose a restaurant thats not buggy friendly so that I could enjoy something I wouldn't normally have. Mizu! Duck noddles. They were good! I felt strange not having to juggle eating my food and placing more food on a highchair while brushing off mushed up sandwich and carrot puffs from my clothes at the same time.

I ate it all. While it was still fresh.

Oh and I also spotted this in NEXT. Sadly they only do 3 years and up. When I text Ali to say look what I found - shame it's not in baby size. He simply text back, forget about baby size, do they do it in Adult size? 

we're a bit LEGO crazy.

Which is why we were sad when we went food shopping and they had sold out of LEGO movie mini figures. It seems its much the same story in a lot of stores. 

Oh well, I'll guess we will just have to buy two next time we see them, you know, to make up for it. Maybe 3 for the sadness?

I was good this weekend and also did a tidy up and rounded up the last of the 3-6m clothes that were hanging about, for storage and decided that the playmat has done it's time and is ready to go up to storage, along with the BF pillow. I'm not ready to part with the bouncy chair however, not since it's revival in help with nap time. 

We got one project checked off the list. Finding some frames for two of the prints we had unframed. I picked up these weathered looking cream frames from Sainsburys for £2 each for 10x8. They had cream, grey and a light blue and they were all in the sale. 

So I could finally take down the movie men pictures dad had up in the guest room, which is currently our room. 

I still have 3 12x16 prints to frame but i'm not in a rush as I don't actually have anywhere for them to go, except maybe standing them up against the wall in my room. 

I had all good intentions on finally getting round to decorating my glass jars for my craft supplies.

I washed all the jars up and got the labels off.

I got out all the different craft pens and materials that needed to go in the jars.

I then discovered that the pens I was going to use to decorate the jars, actually didn't work on the jars, so I was then stuck with just 4 colour choices.

I realised the little dot design took a long time! 

but I do like it.

I then decided to try out my nail varnishes on some jars to see what it would look like, and I was pretty impressed and it was the more bright patterns that I was going for. So I completed two designs and started on two more.

Then LJ developed a random bad cough in the evening and after stopping and starting and resettling him, I decided to just bring him downstairs (not in the same room as the nail varnish, don't worry) and abandoned jar painting, and they have sat where I left them two days ago. I'll post better pictures once i've finished them all.

I also used the little baby food jars to start painting the lego men heads as I saw on Pinterest but I just used yellow paint I already had and after 5 coats, it's not going to cut it, so I need to go find a sample pot of paint to use instead.

I've really been taking advantage of my last week with no work by going on many lunches! My brother came to visit from London to spend some time with LJ and we went out to lunch. They watched Thomas the tank together and both ended up asleep! 

Did I mention this boy loves his food?

I'll leave you with a little crawl strike video. He's so close!