Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Tuesday is our busy day.

One thing I really wanted LJ to learn was how to swim. I think there are two really important skills to learn as a child and that is to swim and to ride a bike. 

So when I heard about Water Babies from a NCT newsletter and via a friend, I thought I need to do that! I signed LJ up before he was born and he was booked in to start lessons at 11 weeks old, with a taster session when he was 8 weeks old. 

They have their lessons in warm pools suitable for babies from birth and they teach vital water safety within their lessons. It's fun and it could save a baby/toddlers life! 

Oh they also do underwater photo shoots, see the blog background picture! Amazing!

This is a photo from when LJ was 8 weeks old at the taster lesson. 

He was so tiny! He loved it though! It's like a huge bath. I even got some smiles!

We're on our second term of Waterbabies now and LJ can now hold on to the side rail of the pool by himself and keep his head out of water! How good is that! So worth the money. 

They take them underwater too! LJ loves it! He smiles when he comes back up. They use commands and repetitiveness to teach the babies what is about to happen.

You say - LJ, ready, go. 

Then he goes under.

Now he even closes his eyes before! 

We do it every night in the bath too, then I pour water over his head before I wash his hair.

They have to wear a double nappy system when in the pool to safe guard the water if there are accidents! They wear a normal swim nappy and then a happy nappy on top. The Happy nappies keep a secure lock on tummy and legs to prevent any leakages! 

Just as well because on the taster session, LJ waited until we were sitting by the pool waiting with all the other babies and did the loudest poo ever. As you can imagine, it escaped the swim nappy but luckily the happy nappy kept it under control and it was easy to wash out and put back on. 

So we have swimming on a Tuesday morning. It took me a few weeks to work out when the best timings to feed and give LJ a nap before we swim to ensure he has the best time. He had 3 weeks when he cried a lot of the lesson, once he even cried when we went to shower before getting in the pool. Then suddenly he was fine! He loved it. 

So after we swim, we then have to get home, showered, dressed, fed and back out to a children's group we go to at our local children's centre. 

Now LJ is not the best napper in the world. He normally naps 45 minutes exactly! 

so yesterday when he napped for an hour and a half in his Pram from on our way home, I was amazed. I showered. Washed my hair. Ate some lunch. SAT DOWN. Wrote a blog post. Twiddled my thumbs and checked on him 5 times. 

We were late.


The children's group is great, I went along with the mums I met through buggy workout and its great to meet even more mums and let the babies all play with each other. LJ loves watching other babies, especially those on the move! He looks at them in amazement and I bet he can't wait until he's moving with them! 

Then I went for a (free) cup of tea at Waitrose with some of the other mums. Apparently the whole free cup of tea or coffee is frowned upon by regular Waitrose customers. 

I don't care, I always buy something while i'm there (cake). 

I have a funny hat and when I wear it while we walk. I get this all the way. Giggle Giggle. Mum is silly.

Tuesday night I got to go out! By myself! For food and a drink! 

It was with some old work friends and we were celebrating the last one of us to move on and find a better job. We went to Nandos. Naturally. Who doesn't love Nando's? 

My favourite are the Olives.

One year, Ali & I tried lots of different Olives in the search to find some supermarket olives like Nando's ones. We never found any better tasting than these.

It was a great night out and I laughed so much my face hurt. 

Then LJ woke throughout the night. Yawn.

He's started to poop early morning. It's like having a newborn again! Nappy changes with tired eyes and low light. 


Every time I wonder when I will stop Breastfeeding LJ, I think I like our mornings too much.

When he wakes usually around 6-6:30am, I change his bum and bring him to into our bed (Lalala I don't care that this is 'a bad habit') to feed him and we snooze a little longer. 

I don't want to give this up just yet. I know when I start back at work that I will have to get up at 6:30, 3 times a week to get us all ready, so for now, i'm enjoying our 'lie in's' (Can you call it a lie in if you still get up before 8am?) 

So this morning we played with some toys in bed and watched Pocahontas II (I watched, LJ liked the songs). Purely because Disney sequels interest me as I've hardly seen any of them. (SPOILER - John Smith 'Dies' and she finds another English Guy and then has love troubles, crazy.) 

Then I got LJ dressed, he finally fits in his Vegas onesie that his Auntie Jade got him from her travels in America.


We were off to a friend's for a Mummy and Baby meet up. I decided I would take LJ in the carrier to minimise the prams that would have to be put somewhere.

Well it's been a while since I've carried him as Ali normally does and so I went out praying my back would survive. 

I got him into his Gruffulo suit and his hat on and mittens and then he fell asleep! Lucky I was able to transfer him into the carrier still asleep! (Another amazing achievement!) I put all his change bag things into a backpack and away we went! It felt very free and easy! I could cross the road at my normal speed and sit anywhere on the bus. 

I'm not sure how much longer i'll be able to carry him for. It was a little bit of a strain on my back but not much. I think our carrier goes up to 25lbs. LJ is currently 17lb so we may have a while yet. He slept twice and it was lovely to have him on my chest and close by. 

I saw this on the internet recently and thought it was very helpful.

I've started to organise my craft things. I'm currently collecting the glass jars we use for pasta sauces to keep all the different pens and crayons in, more on that when it's done! I need to get on Pinterest again and see some fun ways to store things! 

Last year we bought these storage boxes from Ikea (another big love of mine!) It's the STUVA collection and so easy to put together and mix and match. 

I plan on doing this once we're in our own house again.

It's on the list of things to do... the never ending list. 

Here's a little video for the day.

Oh and he says 'Dada' now! Followed by Dodo a lot too. For two nights running he's woke at 11:30pm and chatted away to himself and gone back to sleep! It makes me laugh hearing the monitor! 

They really do practice their new skills in bed! 

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