Friday, 24 January 2014


Today I experienced what happens when a baby doesn't take a nap for most of the day.


Nap Strike here and even kicking up a fuss about buttons being done back up after nappy change!

I struggle with naps a lot of the time and i've had plenty of sleepless nights, but i've never had LJ not nap for 7 hours straight after waking at 6am. It was not pretty.

Fingers crossed for those teeth at last! It's gotta be them! Come on! I'm willing to deal with being bitten as long as they poke through and stop hurting my boy and LET HIM SLEEP LET US SLEEP. 

So anyway, I spent most the day getting LJ to nap or keeping him asleep. I made the major fail of thinking if I held him for half an hour asleep that he'd be asleep enough to put down in his cot. Major mistake, note to self: don't think you can EVER do this, it never works. 

In the end I was saved from nap duty for 10 minutes by my dad while he entertained a very tired baby and I grabbed a shower and then sat LJ in his carseat while I blow dried my hair.

This must be very boring to watch as he finally fell asleep! I didn't take any chances though, the urge to get stuff done by this time had been overtaken by the need to make sure he had enough sleep for us to get through the rest of the day. So I sat for an hour and a half rocking the carseat with my foot. Totally worth it.

Happy boy in the afternoon!

(His outfit looks a little French, no?)

I even got some laughs! yes me! Mummy!! The one who usually is only good for feeding and getting to sleep and cuddles. I was FUN! He laughed! Daddy (Or Grandad) was no where in sight!

So fingers crossed he'll feel a little better tonight! He's already sleeping a lot better than last night, so he shouldn't be so tired. Thanks to a lot of mummy support on Facebook, I got various suggestions to help ease his pain, so lets hope they work!

People often ask (by people, I mean those without children) 'Does it get easier as they get older?' well the answer is no.

There are ALWAYS new challenges. new obstacles. new problems.

When they are a newborn you just want them to sleep in night time hours and be full enough that they aren't feeding every half an hour (for an hour, thanks LJ).

When they get to 3 months you just want them not to have problems bringing wind up or going to the toilet without pain. 

When they are 6 months you want them to like new food you give them and maybe sleep through the night (ha, i'm not believing in that one for a while!)

When they are 7 months, you wonder why suddenly they don't want to take any food from a spoon anymore and insist on feeding themselves.

Yes, my new problem.

While it's great that he enjoys to feed himself and does so nicely without choking and I can either eat my lunch at the same time (amazing in itself) or get on with doing jobs around the kitchen... it's not always great when I don't have time for him to be messy or take 45 minutes to eat. 

When I started weaning LJ at 23 weeks old, I did a mixture of Baby Led Weaning and Puree's. I knew it was important he learnt to use his hands to feed but because we were on 'weight watch' I also wanted to use the opportunity to get some food in to him for once! 

So it all went brilliant for 8 weeks and now he will refuse food from a spoon! Even going as far as to sometimes refuse fruit from a spoon too! (This is from the boy who rotates both hands and feet in excitement when he sees me bring out the fruit!) Shocking stuff.

Anyway, he enjoyed Nannie's homemade bread yesterday but didn't think much of her soup. 

On a project note, the photo books are in progress! I have sorted through the photos and tucked them in the pages ready to be further organised! 

Another thing I haven't mentioned yet is my new adventure into the world of prints.
(Well I figured I'd use my spare time and that £21k degree for something) 

Logi Bear Prints (click to go to the FB page)

It all started when I saw a lovely quote for little boys and thought, oh i'd like that in LJ's room. Then I figured, I can do this in Photoshop! 

So I did. Then I made a birth details print as well, and used them to decorate LJ's second nursery back at dads.

Then a friend asked me to do them one and I thought I can do more of these! 

So I created a Facebook Page and Prices are on each picture. 

If anyone is interested in one, you can message me on the FB page or at and tell me which design your interested in, what colours you would like and if its a personalised one, then the details required and the size you intend to print the print (for design purposes). 

At present, I create the prints and e-mail the file over and you can print it however and wherever you like. If you wish for me to sort the print out as well, that can be arranged for print costs as they are via the website I use to print my prints. 

If your reading this blog and your interested in having one done, tell me you found out about it via the blog and i'll give £2 off any print or design.

Birth Details

Be a boy Print

Be a girl Print

Name Prints (This one was for my cousin's birthday, she loves Panda's!)

This was for a friend's nursery for her baby due next month. They have a sailor theme going on, so I created this print for her baby's Christmas Present! If you have a bedroom theme and would like a print created, give me a message! 

and finally (for the moment) couple loves! (or other family member loves, Daddy and Son etc!) I created this for Alistair for our 5 Year Anniversary last Summer. 

Now you know our loves and silly things we enjoy! 

Hurray it's the weekend! ... Oh wait. I'm a mummy... 

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