Thursday, 16 January 2014

Seven Months.

Not that I expected him to wake up being 7 months and suddenly sleep through the night and have teeth, but I had hoped. 

Firstly, I can't believe he is 7 months. It seems so much older than saying he's 6 months. 

However it wasn't the best of mornings. 

We are at the height of separation anxiety and teething. cue cry. cry. cry. crying. all. the. time.

I can no longer go pee without him crying because he thinks i've left his world forever. Even if I sing 'she'll be coming round the mountain' at the top of my voice from the bathroom. 

So you can imagine he wasn't really down with having his monthly photos taken. 

Just keeping it real. Not everyday is smiles and happiness.

The monthly photos are a very stressful time for mummy. I never seem to get the settings right on my camera and the bigger LJ gets, the more he attempts to be an escape artist and scares me too much to focus my camera.

Talking of being scared...

After this photo, he put both hands on the side of the cot and pulled himself up so that his face was over the cot and his legs were straight, then got stuck! Luckily I was in the room and saved him but my my! Looks like the cot is going down a level soon! 

I did manage to calm him down enough to get a couple of photos...

Again, dummy in, feet in focus rather than him but I'd lost the will to snap at this point. I say this every month that I won't do the photos, but then I think, well i've come this far! 

His new favourite thing is holding your hands and standing up and walking about. Then holding on to things and looking round and smiling like a goon because he's doing something by himself. (and i'm properly smiling like a goon back because I think he's so clever!) 

It was all fun until he was like, look mum, one hand! Good job all that frisbee practice means I can think fast. 

Luckily our day picked up a bit when we went off to Nannie's (Great. Nana) for lunch, it was good to get out the house and see family. LJ had a couple of moments of complete meltdown due to mummy not holding him but he soon forgot about it. 

Later we had a visit from my friend Maria and it was good to catch up and Ali took LJ off for a bath and some daddy and son time. 

We've also had some advances in learning to crawl! He's now rocking forward and getting on his knees before then laying flat out. Also lots more bum shuffling.

Not much on today, just wanted to show that not every day is rosy but fingers crossed that we see some teeth soon and I get my happy boy back that likes to smile cheekily and flirt with any other person that says hello to him. Instead of clinging to mummy and crying at me all at the same time.

I'll leave you with some giggles and bum shuffling for today.

Ali's taking LJ out for the day on Saturday, hopefully I can sort out the storage boxes and get my new crayons and pens in my glass jars! 

and maybe some Pinterest browsing time... 

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