Wednesday, 22 January 2014


It's been a crazy few days again! I had a couple of weeks where I felt like I didn't have anything planned and then this week and the next few weeks are jam packed! 

So I have a few projects on the go and awaiting to go and in the pipeline.

As we are currently saving for a house of our own, not many of them are DIY house things at the moment. 

First up is a Christmas Present that Ali got me. I was really impressed that he remembered that I spoke about wanting to do this for Logan's room after he was born. I decided at the time that I didn't have the spare money to do it, so I forgot about it. He then surprised me at Christmas with the cardboard 3D letters and some paint to do my project!

I don't know exactly what i'm going to do yet but i've pinned some ideas on Pinterest for designs and techniques! 

Next up is actually a project that my friend Sophie challenged me to back in August 2012 on my birthday.

She got me a really cool scrapbook from Papercase! (An instant love!) and a white gel pen (again, 90s throwback! Love it!) and wrote me this card in the front page...

She challenged me to fill the 99 pages of the book with photos of everything I do from August 2012 to August 2013 and then I can look back and see all i've done in the year. 

Well I started off by putting sticky notes on the pages with the months divided and then things we did to remind me what photos I would need to print out. This was going well for the first couple of months, I figured I would wait until I had around 150 photos to print and then print them (to be cost effective) and get to work. 

Then I got pregnant! woo! and my mind filled with a million baby things.

So I finally got round to sorting the photos I needed to print out and ordering them! 

They've arrived, so the next thing to do is sort them all out again into the months and actually get them in the book! I'll post again once it's done! It's amazing how much you do in a year and how much changes! The book starts with my 23rd birthday and lots of drinking and ends with a low key 24th birthday with my little 7 week old! 

I liked this idea so much, that when Ali's sister Jade got me another scrapbook from Papercase (double yey!) and said to put photo's of my baby in (yet to be born!) I thought i'd do something similar and spilt the pages into each week of LJ's life up until he is one. So again I planned out the photos I wanted to print so far and I wrote on the pages to break it up into weeks and I wrote the dates too (that's mainly to help me organise the photos, thank goodness for photo data when uploaded!)

So that's another photo project waiting further organisation and competition. 

I liked Sophie's idea so much that I asked for another scrapbook for christmas and my sister Lucy got me a lovely one (from Papercase, they need to all be similar!), and that's waiting to be sorted for 2013 (I figured I should finish my 2012-2013 one first.) 

I take so many photos but I hardly ever print them these days (I used to work in a photoshop and became obsessed with using the wages I got paid to work there and giving the money right back in the form of paying for prints!) and so I wanted to make sure we had some photos printed.

Another, not so much a project but a to-do is getting some frames for the prints we have.

We happened to have various photo shoots within a few months and so the prints are just waiting to be framed. As we aren't currently in our own house, we have limited wall space, therefore it's not a priority on my list but I do LOVE these photos, so I want them somewhere! I may stand them up against the wall in the bedroom and just switch round the front one every so often! 

The three white background prints were taken by our good friend Joshua Potter, you can check out his work here. We know Josh through Ultimate Frisbee (Which we play and run the IOU team in Ipswich, more on that another time) and it just so happens he also went to the same University as I did and did the same course a couple of years later than me (clearly did much better at using his degree than I did!) and he also went to school with Ali's sister. Ipswich is a small town and it's a small world. Ali's parents wanted updated family photos of everyone and as both of Ali's siblings currently do not live in Ipswich, it was a last minute we are all in Ipswich this weekend and lets embrace the chance please can you take our photos! Josh is great and fitted us in on a Sunday and we loved the photos! As well as some big family photos, he also did some themed ones of LJ, which I LOVE!!! so cute. It was fitting that he happened to be 6 months at the time and therefore I have a midway photo of him. I'm totally getting him to do a cake smash session for LJ's one year birthday. 

The swim photo is via Water Babies swimming lessons, which I mentioned before. The plan is to have it in our future bathroom! 

The final photo of Ali & I kissing (very rare moment) and LJ on our shoulders looking equally as shocked, was taken by AKexpressions. In a first time in my life, I actually WON this photoshoot via Facebook (Funnily enough the same week some friends complained about people entering competitions on FB). 

I've been collecting jars!

My plan is to decorate them and store all the pens and crayons I have in for my future craft table. I've pinned some ideas to Pinterest but I think i'm going for something like this

I'll post pictures once i've decided and completed them! 

While looking through my pins on Pinterest, I came across lots of pins from one of my favourite websites! 

My friend Laura told me about this website when I was looking for wall stickers for LJ's nursery. They have AMAZING unique things on the website!

My favourite items pinned ready for our new house and LJ's THIRD nursery!! is this amazing animal place map.

and also these cool animal nesting dolls!

Plus a load of other things! Maybe i'll post some more favourites another time.

So what have I been up to this week?

Making a nappy cake.

The last time I made one was for my friend's baby shower over 2 years ago. Now having had a baby myself, I made a few changes.

Firstly I bought size 2 nappies as babies aren't in size 1's for long! Secondly most of the time they have plenty of blankets and Muslins and clothes, therefore I got a couple of toys ready for when baby is slightly older and based on the ones that LJ loved/loves playing with. Also instead of another cuddly toy, I got some shoes to pop on the top, it just so happened that they matched the colour ribbon I had got too. For the middle I got some bath products that I found great for LJ too, instead of using any old bottles that I did last time. 

My downfall was that I didn't buy enough nappies. I couldn't remember what i got last time, but I used some of LJ's size 4's to help bulk it out and they will come in handy eventually! 

We threw a surprise baby shower for my friend Libby who is due in 3 1/2 weeks! So exciting, she will be having the 3rd BOY of our little friendship group. We will have little boys running riot at future gatherings! 

We ate LOTS of Pizza... 

and had a great catch up with everyone and played some games, including make a baby out of play dough in 30 seconds. We noted that 30 seconds is not really enough time, you'll see from the photo.

On the Monday, I met up with some mummy friends and we took the babies to the sensory room at Treehouse Children's Centre. It's free to hire the room for an hour and its AMAZING. The babies love it. They have a bubble tube that changes colour and things that project on the wall and mirrors and lights that change colour on the floor. It's a great chance to give the babies time to move about (on squishy mats, so safe if they tumble) and let them discover everything. We can then have a chat and catch up and watch their little faces!

Here's a little video.

LJ has been all about getting you to help him stand up and let him hold on to things. He's a lot steadier on his feet now and I do let him hold on to things on his own if its safe. 

He made me laugh so much when on Monday night, as I got him undressed for his bath, he held on to my hands, pulled himself up and walked butt naked into the bathroom with me holding his hands and peered over the bath to inspect it! 

He was amazed at watching the water come out of the tap. 

So this time last year, we found out we were having a BOY!

and it was SNOWING. 

This photo reveal idea was one I found via Pinterest and would you believe Ali & I aren't actually in those photos together? The snow helped A LOT with stitching the photos together. Basically we were by ourselves and didn't want to look too strange with a tripod, so we took them separately. We did a girl and a boy outcome and then had both ready for the day of our scan. We also took blue and pink balloons with us and visited both parents afterwards with a blown up balloon ready at the door. 

I can't believe that was last year and now we have a 7 month old. At the time it seemed like we had ages to go (20 weeks) until he was here. 

This time, it's not as cold out. 

but it sure is frosty in the mornings.

we've done a lot of walking already this week and I noticed the drop in temperature! 

LJ and I enjoyed some lunch with our friends today. I have another friend who is expecting a little boy at the end of May, just before LJ is one. I'm so excited as we grew up together and there is a year between us and I can't wait for our boys to have the same fun. (Hopefully not dancing to Spice Girls and playing Mummy's, but you never know). 

Here's to completing projects and enjoying the last month of my maternity leave before I go back to work at the end of Feb! 

I'll leave you with the bum shuffling, no pant wearing, piano player. 

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