Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bloggers and Instagram

It all started about two years ago when I read my first blog. 

I came across it by seeing first, a video on Vimeo on the internet of a photographer who had took lots of photos of his wife while pregnant and then put them in to a stop animation film at the end. It was brilliant. I soon found the link to his blog and there he updated their journey with parenthood and photography and projects they did round the house. (interests sound familiar to you?) It was so good, I went all the way back to the start and read every post. (You can tell this was in the times when I had such time to do such a thing) 

He posted regularly on the blog about their two children and announced they were having a third, then all of sudden he closed the blog. He'd made the decision that because they had shared their lives online for 5 years, they were now done. He had also got more professional work with his photography and I think that might also have been a factor. Even the video has been taken off Vimeo, which is sad as it was a great video. He did however still take part in a project with a number of other brilliant photographers, called you are my wild. 

you are my wild is a photo a week from each photographer for 52 weeks of their children. It's finished now for the year but you can check it out here

Anyway, this blog led me to Instagram (before it became 'cool') and I started following him and then some other photographers as he recommend them. I came across so many great photographers this way, here are a few of my people I follow on Instagram. 





They all nearly have blogs themselves too! Check out my Instagram for more people I follow.

A couple of specials as well for blogs and Instagram are as follows:


Her blog A Beautiful Mess is amazing and inspiring for DIY home projects. She is also part of the creator of the A Beautiful Mess iOS app for photo editing, it was great reading about their progress and then seeing it climb to no.1 spot in the app charts. 


Her blog A Bit Messy is a great read and I loved reading about her family's journey with adoption from another country and her homeschooling adventure. Her home is the sweetest thing ever and they house sit some amazing dogs! 


I first discovered Ashlee's Instagram just after her little girl Nova had been born very early after being the surviving twin of TTS and losing her identical twin sister Aurora. I read back on their amazing story of courage and their battle to raise awareness for TTS. Recently Ashlee (who is a photographer) went about a new photography challenge that is 4th Trimester Bodies. People who had babies would come and pose in their underwear with their children to show their postpartum bodies and they look amazing! 


I don't remember how I came across Erin but this was another blog that I read all the way back on. She blogged about her fertility battle to have a baby and then her delight with twin girls soon followed by a surprise baby boy. It's a lovely read and even better that she now has a successful business and her baby leggings are on my wish list! 

There are so many more favourite people on Instagram that I follow! I'll share more soon but for now, check these people out! 

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